Counterfeit Mi India products worth INR 33.3 lakh seized in Bangalore and Chennai


Mi India has announced that counterfeit products of an estimated worth of INR 33.3 lakhs were seized from four suppliers in Chennai and three suppliers in Bangalore. As a part of the brand’s comprehensive proactive anti-counterfeit program, a complaint was filed with the local police station, and raids were conducted in the market in the months of October and November.

XThe shop owners from both the cities were arrested for allegedly selling fake Mi India products worth Rs 24.9 lakhs and Rs 8.4 lakhs respectively. Upon interrogation, it was found that these suppliers have been managing this business for a long time and have sold multiple unauthorized products in the market.

How to Identify counterfeit products of Xiaomi:

Some products like carrying security codes that can be checked on to identify the authenticity of the product – eg. Mi Powerbanks, all audio products.

Packaging and quality of retail boxes are very different. You can visit any Mi Home/ Mi Store to validate the original packaging.

Check for the original Mi India Logo on the product and you will know if that is authorized. The original logo of packaging can be seen on

All authorized fitness products such as Mi Band(s) will have Mi Fit app compatibility.

Unauthorized cables are often flimsy and break easily.

Counterfeited products not only degrade customer experience but are also a big threat to consumer health and safety, can also jeopardise privacy and data security and in some cases can also be hazardous.

Such incidents have increased in the country over the previous year and to prevent such instances, Mi India has created a special task force that is responsible for constantly monitoring the market and acting against such unauthorised entities and counterfeiters. It is strictly advisable for consumers to purchase ‘genuine’ products from authorized stores of the brand and partner outlets and make an informed decision.