DIESL playing a key role in Mobile Distribution in India


Drive India Enterprise Solutions Limited (DIESL), a leading interated logistics service provider in the country now managing more then 7 mobile brands in India.
Recently Milind Shahane Managing Director, Drive India Enterprise Solutions Limited (DIESL) in an interaction with Mobility India he told us about new strategy and their progress.

The dynamically changing business environment and the drive for profitability push business to do more with less. Amidst complex challenges and ruthless competition, supply chain management gives you the decisive edge and to turn the tide on your side. And we have expertise as a leading integrated and customized logistics company in India, it enables brands to strive harder and soar higher and achieve their business goals.

DIESL caters to a wide range of industries like telecom, lubes, consumer durables, FMCG, Hi-tech, engineering, retail, DTH, project logistics and automobiles. One of the leading third party logistics (3PL) companies in India, DIESL offers a complete suite of logistics services to enable every supply chain. Whatever be your logistics need, local or international, small or big, we are the providers for it. DIESL enables your operations to run with fewer people, reduced inventory levels, in less time and at lower costs.

DIESL provides a full range of logistics services with utmost precision and simplicity. We have a decade long experience and expertise as integrated logistics provider and state of the art infrastructure, it is our endeavor to make  supply  chain  management smooth and hassle-free. As a third party logistics (3PL) partner, we provide logistics services tailored to give your business the advantage of optimum cost in the minimum time.

We work with all the channels:
We are  not only working with distributors , stores, but also with the LFRs and side by side we are also working with ecommerce sites for many brands like Swipe, IVK , ICE, we are also working with lots of online brands. With Naptol, Snapdeal , Start CJ

The lower rate devices are taking higher volumes, and we are very competitive with the price.

Make in India:
Make in India initiative is a good initiative, because the sale volume of mobile is so high,  it make sense to make in India. And its is definitely is a cost advantage.

DIESL Presence:
YEAR of  Inception: 2003
Cities covered : 7000+
Managing more than 6 million sq.ft. of warehouse area
Warehouse Nationwide: 180
Pincode covered: 85%

Managing 3.2 million transactions a month

DIESL’s Evolution as Logistics Providers:

2003-04: Handset trading for TTSL (Captive business)
2006-07: Logistics Providers in Warehousing & Value Added Services
2007-08: Developed Pan-India network for distribution services
2007-09: Started providing International Logistics Services
2013 onwards: Scaled up Third Party Logistics & Value Added Services
2014 onwards: New focus on Industrial and Site Logistics Services, Consignment Sales Model & Sourcing and Distribution Services