Dollartune campaign on `A Million Thanks to 1 Lakh’


Dollartune, an opt-in an Android based application that acts as an advertising delivery platform on a smart phone, has achieved the milestone of 100,000 downloads. The users engagement with Dollartune is such that more than a million of pages are being viewed every day.

Dollartune is an innovative and effective marketing platform for advertisers through a mobile application that is non intrusive in nature and offers abundant time to its users to engage with brands innovatively. This provides an exciting and rewarding opportunity for users to be gratified for their engagement.

The application beta launched in August 2016 and went live in November 2016, and achieved the 100,000 downloads mark much ahead of anticipated milestone of the first year of operation. Dollartune has now targeted to grow to 200,000 downloads by Diwali and 500,000 by 2018.

Raja Gupta CEO, BrandAd Emedia Solutions said, “With brands facing the challenge of ad-avoidance, we are happy to have emerged as a focused, reliable and measurable media option that provides minimizes the slippage that are traditionally associated with other media options. Further with smartphones increasingly dominating the market, our offering combines the best of ATL marketing activities, revolutionizing communication with users.”

The default landing page of the DollarTune provides a variety of marketing opportunities to the brands. Brands can showcase: brand images, television commercials, corporate videos, celebrity videos, signature tunes, and radio jingles.

For Users this provides them with an opportunity to stay updated with the latest Offers, Services and Products from their favorite brands. The users get gratified for consuming the advertisements.

The Tagline Faayde ki Ghanti is to provide the user a reward value every time the phone rings. The user allows their phones to be used as a broadcast medium for the reward the brand communication takes place every time the phone rings. With a partnership with India’s largest e-wallet service, PayTM, Dollartune makes gratification for users extremely convenient.

For Advertisers, this is an innovative platform as the Cost Per Engagement module which makes Dollartune a cost effective medium to engage with customers and target a more precise audience based on accurate Demographics. The total ad deliveries are in excess of 350,000 per day on the ad-wall of DollarTune, along with more than 250,000 ring tones delivered.