“e-Ping, backed by State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities, Aims to Become a Leading Mobile Accessories Brand”


e-Ping, A brad of Ping Telematics Pvt. Ltd., Manufacturing and Marketing by Tanu Electronics, headquartered in Noida, is a manufacturer and provider of mobile accessories under the brand name, e-Ping since 2016, through their manufacturing vertical, Tanu Electronics, which has been into manufacturing plastic and sheet metal parts for the electronics and telecom industry for the last 2 decades.

In an interaction with Mobility Magazine, Amit Shukla, Managing Director and D. K. Bharti, Country Head-India, Ping Telematics Pvt. Ltd. shares, “For the last 2 decades we have been into the manufacturing of molding plastic and sheet metal sheet parts for TVs, refrigerators, etc for reputed providers like Samsung, Schneider, LG, Luminous, Indoasian, Legrand etc from 20 Years. We have launched e-Ping brand in 2016 for mobile accessories like Power Banks, Chargers, Ear Phones, Cables and Mobile Battery leveraging on our manufacturing facilities and experience. We want to add some more value-added products in course of time. Our products are value-for-money with near-OEM quality, but come at 50% of the cost of OEM products. Since our products come with great quality, they are expensive compared to the products provided by the average providers in the market.”

Tanu Electronics has been known for the expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities. The company’s focus on quality, R&D capabilities, market responsiveness and the ability to scale up manufacturing capacities for meeting the latest needs of the consumers.

Mr. Shukla adds, “We are working with a long-term vision—not like those who start under an impulse, cool down soon and exit suddenly after failing to face the market realities. Unlike the mobile phone segment which is cluttered with too many competitors, the mobile accessories segment is vast and still offers a lot of scope. There are only a few good brands in this space. Our well-established manufacturing facilities, two decades of experience and the ability to integrate manufacturing backwards and horizontally gives us an edge in developing and providing better mobile accessories compared to our competitors.”

Today Ping Telematics and Tanu Electronics are proactive, forward-thinking organization that is geared up to provide best-in-class mobile accessories that meet the international standards.

Detailing about the manufacturing facilities and market presents, Amit Shukla quotes, “Currently, we have 32 SKUs and 5 product categories—chargers, power bank, earphone, data cable and Mobile Batteries. We have the capacity to manufacture data cable capacity 200k/m. We are currently providing 500k earphones per month earphones to a leading Indian mobile brand and we have kept open 25,000 units per month of manufacturing capacity for our own brand requirement. From April 2019, our facilities will be able to provide 1 million mobile chargers a month. We want go slow-and-steady, our target is to maintain a 10-15% growth every month in the coming few years. At present e-Ping is available in 17 states of North, West & East India, including Himachal, Punjab, Gujarat, MP, UP, etc.”

Elaborating on their marketing strategy and future plans, Mr. Shukla concludes, “The three products–earphone, charger and data cable– will be our core products; we aim to be the best among the brands for these products in terms of quality and price; power banks and will be our second focus. With time, we will add more products to our portfolio. In earphones category, we will have a wide and deep range. Initially we will provide through retails, but later we will also sell through ecommerce sites. The year 2019 will be our year of stabilization and in 2020 we plan to expand in a big way. Our aim is to become one of the top 5 brands in the mobile accessories segment in India.”

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