East Sun Electronics India Gearing Up To Be A Leading Electronics Company In India

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East Sun Electronics India having its Manufacturing Unit in Pune is a joint venture between Shenzhen East Sun Electronics Co. Ltd (China) & The Bora Group (India). East Sun was established in May 2016 to manufacture mobile phone charger. Company has World-Class infrastructure and state of the art testing facility that provides quality product to its customers. At present our company is selling 7- 8 lakh chargers per month. We have more than 200 staff including Technical Personnel, Management staff and R&D team. The company has a production capacity of 30 million chargers per annum, occupying an area of about 55000 sq feet. We have production machineries like Lead free Automatic wave soldering machine, Ultrasonic welding machine, Laser engraving machine, PCBA transfer machine & Quality testing machines such as Aging test machine, Electron loader, Hi-Pot tester, Oscilloscope, Resistor lead bend machine with advanced technology. We are backed by our innovative research and development team in China for all designs & development. In India, we are supplying our products to most of the leading mobile phone manufacturers. We are also in talks with some renowned conglomerates that are expected to join above list soon.

Shenzhen Group

Shenzhen East Sun Electronics Co. Ltd is a professional engaged in mobile phone charger, Tablet charger, Car charger, computer power supply, design, R&D, production mainly for the mobile phone manufacturers supporting sales and service in one of the enterprises. In China the company’s selling around Six Crore chargers per annum. Due to independent research and development capabilities, quality and stable delivery on time our products are sold to Europe, United States, India and other countries. The company has more than 500 employees that includes technical staff and management staff of more than 70 people. The total plant area is 10,000 square meters. The company has a total output value of over 100 million yuan for the state A-class taxpayers, the company has more than 10 million yuan in fixed assets. It was founded in year 2000 and now the company ranks amongst top 5 manufacturers of mobile phone chargers in China.The company already has most of the renowned mobile phone manufacturers on its customer list.

The Bora Group

The Bora Group is a professionally run, family-managed enterprise established in 1965. It is engaged in Food, Technology, Finance & Realty sectors with about 600 employees and have an annual turnover of more than INR 1000 Cr of which over INR 500 Cr is from the technology sector activities. Right now Bora Group operates various business divisions in the tech-sector like E-commerce, Trading, Distribution and Manufacturing facilities etc. With this partnership we want to build an agile, energetic & passionate organization in which innovation, performance & productivity are the norm to make East Sun a leading electronics company in India.

Our Mission

  1. To develop world-class products providing highest value for money.
  2. To benefit society at large through innovation, quality, productivity, human development & growth: always striving for excellence.

Our Vision

To build an agile, energetic and passionate organization in which innovation, performance & productivity are the norm to make East Sun a leading electronics company in India.

Our Quality Policy

We at East Sun are committed for delivering quality products that meet & exceed the needs & expectations of customers. Our effort shall be directed to maximize customer satisfaction through,

  1. Understanding customer requirement.
  2. Providing value for money.
  3. Prompt & Effective Services.
  4. On-time delivery.

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