Eliide Running Festive Season Schemes for the Channel Partners


Eliide is a leading mobile accessories brand created its worth in the organized market and captured the satisfaction of thousands of consumers. Eliide recently announced its Special Festive Season incentive scheme with special focus on retail partners. This scheme was launched on Oct 1 and will be effective till Nov 30, 2020. For this scheme, Eliide has spent a huge amount of Rs 20 lacs only for gifting purposes with corporate tie-up with the brands like Milton and Cello kitchenware and glassware. The scheme has already created buzz in the market.

Ravi Takkar,CMD of Eliide

Founded in 2014, Eliide brand provides smart mobile phone accessories known for their Quality and Service. Headquartered in Bhiwani, Haryana, Eliide has a vast range in travel chargers, car chargers, USB cables, powerbanks, Bluetooth headsets and audio products. Eliide has over 500 partners spread across India and the brand invests in long-term relationships with partners, associates, dealers and customers. The brand believes in creating a professional ecosystem, ensuring accountability, transparency and effectiveness.

Commenting about their recent festive schemes, Ravi Takkar, CMD of Eliide, commented, “We launched our festive season scheme with effect from Oct 1 and will last till Nov 30, 2020. For those retailers who sell some minimum amount of our products, we are giving homeware and glassware of Cello and Milton brands as gifts, and for those who sell in high values, say Rs 10 lakhs and above, we are giving an incentive of 3% over and above their profit margin. We have been getting a very good response from the retailers and other partners from all over India for this scheme. Our sales have jumped up by 3 times compared to our earlier sales per month. We are thinking of prolonging these schemes beyond Nov 30. During this Festive Season, the Indian partners love home items as gifts and that is why we chose to give kitchenware and glassware. At Eliide, we will continue to provide the top quality mobile accessories and motivating schemes for our channel that give the best satisfaction to both our customers and partners.”