Enterprise Mobility: A Big Emerging Trend

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The rapid proliferation of powerful mobile devices is bringing growth in the enterprise mobility market. Enterprises are looking for cost-effective, mobile solutions that can positively impact organizational effectiveness and give real-time access to organization data anytime, anywhere. In short, organizations are seeing enterprise mobility as a tool for enhancing productivity and efficiency of the organization as a whole as well as of its employees. This has pushed enterprises to look for specialist providers who can meet this demand, thereby, leading to a plethora of opportunities for product firms in enterprise mobility area.

What is Enterprise mobility?
Enterprise mobility initiatives are not new to the Indian landscape, but the focus was on enabling voice communications and email access over mobile handsets. Rising consumer popularity of mobile Internet access devices such as smartphones and tablets has set the scene for their incorporation into the workplace. However, it has its own challenges and risk related to data security and privacy.
The combination of increased business process automation and remote access to the network constantly has excellent potential to raise productivity. With smart business users demanding access to corporate data anytime, anywhere, mobility devices and solutions will become integral components of the overall technology strategy.

Big data, cloud, social media and mobility are the four ‘transformative megatrends’ that will shape global technology adoption over the next decade.
Big data is at a very nascent stage in India but is already touted to have considerable potential. Indian enterprises are experiencing considerable technology transformation across infrastructure, applications and end-user computing.
This is due to:
• Proliferation of newer devices like smartphones and tablets
• Increasing enterprise IT adoption
• Implementation of Government projects of considerable size, such as UIDAI and National Knowledge Network
• Rapid adoption of wireless broadband
• Increasing use of online retail, travel and banking
• Over the next decade, digital information in India will grow from 40,000 petabytes of data to 2.3 million petabytes, twice as fast as the worldwide rate. With 900 million+ mobile connections, 100 million+ active mobile data users and increasing number of connected devices, the amount of consumer and enterprise data will grow exponentially.

mobiculetech_siddharthWe at Mobility magazine had an interaction with Siddharth Agrawal,
Founder and CEO, Mobicule Technologies,  which is a niche player in Enterprise Mobility Segment dealing into simplifying business processes for corporate, to know the challenges and opportunities in this market segment.

What is the role of digital platforms to meet business needs?
With the launch of Digital India, the Indian economy is set to transform dynamically. In such times where everything is instant, quick and handy, consumers expect nothing but prompt and smooth services. To fulfill these expectations, major players in the goods and services industry are increasingly adopting digital means to reach out to consumers. Enterprise Mobility is one of the fastest growing markets with demands from across all sectors. Given the penetration of the smartphones and better connectivity, this demand will sustain.

Mobicule is rightly positioned to be a niche player and leader in this space. Our prepackaged products for day-to-day business needs, our vast domain knowledge clubbed with state-of-the-art R&D on mobile technologies differentiates us from the rest. Our mobility implementations have delivered ROI and huge business benefits to our customers.

How mobile platforms have proved to be technological solutions for corporate businesses?
With the ever-changing technology and most of the businesses racing towards saving a lot of time, money and manpower, mobility is definitely the next gen solution. Mobility not only helps build business on mobile platforms but also delivers better and faster revenue realization for enterprises. Some of the key processes that change with mobilization are:

Sales: Giving real-time access for your sales personnel for any information, pricing configurations, access to all the customer or prospect information at the right time to shorten sales cycles and increase conversion rates.
Operations: Capturing real-time, accurate information from remote locations, providing better field-service operations. This leads to better customer service and employees able to make informed and accurate decisions.
Financial: Improving cash flow and accurate forecasting by enabling remote personnel to capture and provide real-time information. Real-time approvals will speed up business processes across the organization and eventually have an impact on the bottom line.
Training: Connecting with the employees on the field and sharing necessary information; and enables individual staff members to receive support at critical moments, an obvious help to technical field personnel and sales people.
Customer experience: Improving the rate of satisfied customers by reaching customers at the point-of-sale. Able to personalize a customer’s buying experience every-time they interact with anyone in the organization.

What are the advantages of using mobility by enterprises?
In today’s competitive market, one of the crucial factors for a company is to combat the competition and capture market share by improving field productivity. Automation ensures the most mobile-friendly way to carry out the business process.

Since inception, we have helped our customers empower their mobile workforces to access, report and share information when and where they need to. We do this by making it easy and faster to implement systems that mobilize day-to-day business processes. We believe that automating and optimizing business processes represents substantial cost-saving and revenue generation opportunities for most enterprises. With these beliefs in mind, we offer our customers mobile application software that enables them to AUTOMATE their business process, MARKET their products & services,  EDUCATE their employees and ANALYZE the progress with CONTROL over data security.

What is the impact of these technologies on the business of corporates?
Enterprise mobility can have a profound impact on your business. It has the ability to optimize your business processes across the organization, and even create new business models that could be potentially viable. Similarly, I believe, mobility is one of those trends that will have a profound impact on many industries, especially with the adoption of Internet & ‘always-on’ connectivity spreading to remote areas. Our implementations have impacted the core of the businesses, as bills are more accurate and reliable, loans are processed faster, revenues realization cycles have shortened and there is more control and visibility on sales.

What are the challenges in the Enterprise Mobility Segment?
The biggest challenge is adoption and change management. With these solutions, now there is real-time visibility and control and also more transparency in processes. This is not just a technology change but also a huge change in the way processes used to work. Poor connectivity and speeds, hardware standardization costs, on field support and security risks are some of the other challenges which will become more evident as the enterprise mobility becomes mainstream and more workforce is mobile-enabled.

What are the recent applications of Mobicule Technologies?
Mobicule brings the power of mobility to solving the pressing and strategic challenges companies face in day-to-day business processes. Our core product, msales, is a solution that allows our clients to make their current operations as efficient and cost-effective as possible, and to invest in innovation to unleash new potential across their organizations.

From punching Sales order to Generating invoices to Collection of outstanding payments, msales connects the on-field executive with the core systems thereby increasing the productivity. Moreover, msales – Dashboard also enables the executives to have a 360-degree view of their organization’s KPIs to plan the future strategy. Along with optimizing business processes, Mobicule also helps companies connect with their consumers leveraging the mobile technology.
More than 25 million transactions are punched by around 50k users across 8 industry verticals using Mobicule’s applications.

Clients Feedback
thomascook_amit-madhanAmit Madhan, COO – IT, E-Services & Insurance, Thomas Cook
“We chose Mobicule Technologies as a partner and are delighted with the outcome – a virtual eBrochure that showcases all our leisure travel products with intelligent features, including access of live discounts and package comparisons.”

Ajay Kumar Meher, CIO, SONY Entertainment Network
sonyentertainment_ajay-meher“We at Sony Entertainment Network believe in innovation along with the strategic directions in availing information for the right people at the right place in the right time. With this application, we have been able to achieve desired excellence which has a catapulting effect on user’s delight.”

Ranjit Satyanath, Sr. General Manager – Solutions & Technology
S&T_ranjit-satyanath“The application (First Citizen) created by Mobicule fits the bill to the T as it covers all areas such as rewards, exclusive benefits and privileges.”

Spokesperson , Mahanagar Gas Ltd
mahanagargas_logo“Earlier, meter readers were often unable to access houses to read meters or there were often mistakes with the reading. In some cases, customers refuted the charges even though the reading was accurate because they felt that their consumption could not have been so high. We felt the need of the hour was to address this issue at the earliest.”

P C Panda, CEO, Riverside Utilities
“We are pleased to implement the msales Utility Solution designed by Mobicule technologies in our electricity meter reading system.  It helps us in saving lot of time, space and keeps us technologically updated. We are hoping that this new meter reading system will also reduce the complaints and help us enhance our consumer’s trust in us”

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