FiiO Launches 2 new In-Ear Monitors with Mic and Volume Controls


FiiO announces the launch of 2 new In-Ear Monitors with Mic and volume controls in India. The F1 is priced at Rs. 1499 and the F3 is priced at Rs. 1849. Both models are now available for purchase at the official FiiO India Store. The F1 and F3 both house Japanese copper-clad aluminium voice coils which allow it to present a transformative listening experience by clearly bringing forth even the subtlest of details within the music.

After extensively experimenting with and evaluating a wide variety of materials on a multitude of factors, polyurethane emerged as the material of choice for the F1’s and F3’s cable. Polyurethane is a low micro-phonic, durable material that is also lightweight, highly elastic and tough against scrapes. Both earphones adopts a 90° L-type headphone plug in order to effectively prevent accidental bending of the plug when knocked against, making it more resistant to the bustle of everyday life. The gold-plated plug not only ensures that it will not oxidize, but also minimizes audio signal loss.

FiiO has ensured sophistication to every detail from the 3.5mm L-type gold-plated plug, to the cable cinch, to the CD pattern finish, to the clear left/right channel identification marks, every detail on the F1 and F3 are carefully thought out so each part can live up to the excellent sound quality. FiiO subjects its products to quality standards stricter than what is normally found industry-wide; all to give you the highest-grade goods. These are some of the durability tests that the F1 goes through: Vibration testing, temperature tests, anti-oxidation testing, wire durability testing, cell phone compatibility testing, and sound quality experience check. The In-Ear Monitors carry a 1 Year manufacture warranty.