FrndiNeed helps you benefit from your virtual connectivity for impromptu planning and helps you in need Review


By Jayanta Ghosh

Social Safety has emerged as a serious issue with the recent case of app-based services posing concerns for women in the city. Such incidents create substantial amount of fear and leave with no trust for public transport. In such scenario, what will restore the faith? That level of faith and trust can only be there while we travel with our friends or family!
FrndiNeed helps you benefit from your virtual connectivity for impromptu planning and helping you when in need. High on utility, this multipurpose app discovers your nearest friend for you for some serendipitous moments. Chat, locate or plan, we see FrndiNeed as your true travel and spontaneity companion anytime, anywhere!

We are all so disconnected even when we are connected on this virtual world. So we started working with the idea that if we can know which friend of ours is in and around the vicinity we can be able to do multiple things, we can travel with that person, can make impromptu meeting plans or can call in time of emergencies. So we developed Frndineed. We are aiming to make Frndineed a must-have utility app for any smart phone user.

Frndineed is an easy-to-use app, which has multiple-utility functionality:
Lift: This key feature allows one to find friends who are in their vicinity and take a lift or do a cab pool together for their common destinations. The app allows users to share their location map automatically.
Insta-Meet: This feature allows the user to make impromptu plan for meeting any friend in vicinity. This feature comes very handy for people who are travelling for work and want to find out if they have any friend around who can give them company post-work or during the day.
Meet up Planner: This feature allows users to plan their small meet up or event by creating a meet-up event and inviting the friends whom they want to call. This feature saves user from sending multiple text messages to different users and it also works as dashboard for people who are joining the meet up to know who all have confirmed for the same.
Car Pool Planner (to be introduced in the next version): This feature allows consumers to plan car pool for their daily commuting purpose. Car Pool planner will be introduced in two phases. First phase will allow users to plan their car pool by putting their route map manually and sharing it with the Frndineed app friends. In the second phase, the Car Pool Planner will do predictive route mapping of the users, based on their travel in last one month and would automatically recommend users with similar route in the Frndineed friend network that their route and time of travel is same and they can together plan car pool.
Auto-poke: This feature will give user a choice to automatically get notification if any of their friends are in and around their vicinity. User has a choice to switch on or off this feature any time.
SOS: This feature allows user to send notification to friends who are in and around the vicinity in case of any emergency. This feature comes in very handy because people in the proximity can reach the user’s location within 5-10 min.
Privacy: The app also allows users to maintain their privacy and not get stalked by unwanted people. The app allows users to switch on or switch off their location sharing with single individual, a group or complete network of friends on Frndineed.
Chat: Users have inbuilt chat option where one can interact with the app users for coordinating.Apart from these utility features, the app lets you chat individually or form groups for all time connectivity. You can personalize your visibility individually or completely when you don’t wish you share your location.
Final Take:
The basic advantage is that FrndiNeed makes people spend more time with each other in the real world! Today, we are inter-connected virtually, but how much time do we spend with our friends and family? FrndiNeed helps you benefit from your virtual connectivity for impromptu planning and helps you when in need; and brings you closer to the reality and enhances your lifestyle.

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