Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 Review


This is the latest model of SQ series from Fujifilm, this is a instant film camera but its now also digital. The SQ 10 is more modern and more minimalistic. It is compact in size and designed smartly. This is a hybrid instant camera with instant print plus digital technology. This is a new format for the film in which you can print 1/1 square film format which is really fantastic.

Inside the Box:

With the SQ10 you will get a wrist wrap, a rechargeable battery, a micro USB cable for charging with manuals for reference.



It has an iconic design combined with thin round, symmetrical shape for easy handling and precise control. Not too heavy but feels little hefty, it looks like a compact disk player has a symmetrical design. Looking at the front it has a turn dial which is an on and off switch, you just have to turn the dial to turn it on n off. Above the dial you will find two shutter buttons on both side which are customizable, easy for both left and right-hand use. It has also an AF lamp for focus and a timer indicator. On top front of the camera you will get a flash and, on both sides, you have the lids to attach the strap and a speaker grill on side of the camera. Underneath the speaker you will get a chamber where you can plug the USB cable to charge the camera and a with a SD card slot. On the other side of the camera it has an Auto and Manual switch, if it is in Auto mode it will print every picture you click, on the other hand if you put it in Manual mode you can opt for which want to print after you click. Under the switch you have the little battery chamber. And finally, on the backside it has a first digital screen on a Fujifilm model camera, it’s a TFT colour LCD monitor so you can edit and process images to create just the look you want. The split display allows you to view images and print them as displayed on the screen. Underneath the screen you have a circular dial with a menu button in middle of it to make various adjustments. Overall the design is very practical, it gives you both modern and retro feel.



The centre lens allows easy shooting from any angle for accurate recreation of the composition of your shot. The Square doesn’t shoot straight to instant film, though, but instead uses a very small digital image sensor that captures 1,920×1,920-pixel images about 3.6 megapixels. With a flip of a switch, you can choose to have every picture you take printed — like an analog instant film camera — or you can capture a shot and decide if you want a print fact after . And, since all shots are stored straight to internal memory it’ll hold up to 50 photos or an optional microSD card. Use the command dial to perform all operations from editing and processing to printing while looking at the monitor, so that your photos come out just the way you want them.   Equipped with date selection function. A digital zoom of up to 2.4x can be applied to prints.  You can also attach a tripod with SQ10. The camera takes around 2 hrs for full charge.


Verdict: Express your creativity in an instant, with stunning direct prints from the new hybrid instax SQUARE SQ10. This camera lets you capture those ‘once in a lifetime’ memories and moments beautifully, in a stylish square format.

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