G-Charge High Capacity Mobile Batteries

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These batteries are fully tested by the quality detectors to ensure industry demanded quality.

G-Charge,  a leading provider of MOBILE batteries, provides batteries with universal suitability, high quality, longer life and promised output. G-Charge follows transparent client-dealing, punctual and shipshape on-spot delivery, 24X7 customer support, infallible brand-warranty, and streamlined allegiance that it holds to its customer’s satisfaction.  For the benefits of our respected clients, these products are fully tested by the quality detectors to ensure industry demanded quality.

G-Charge handles ultra-lasting smartphone battery ranges for all brands, primarily at affordable prices. G-Charge also offers batteries in bulk with safe and strong packaging anytime, anywhere.

G-Charge holds multiple awards and accreditations recognizing the bulk-in-negotiation forum for its excellent quality manufacture of mobile batteries. G-Charge provides a wide range of fashionable mobile accessories including headphones, earphones, power banks, speakers, travel chargers and premium cables.

G-Charge is widely appreciated for offering high customer satisfaction and quality at affordable prices. Supported by professional engineers and staff, G-Charge designs and develops products based on the valuable feedback from the clients and end users.

 Key Points

• For all the above batteries, you will get replacement for the original battery with comparable standby and talk time.

• The above batteries hold the charge longer and are free from memory effect, so you don’t have to wait until the battery completely discharges. Capable of handling multiple charge and discharge cycles.

• These batteries are designed specifically for the handsets and are ideal as a second battery or replacement for the original battery.

 • These batteries deliver the long-lasting and reliable performance.

 • Batteries can be used with any battery charger. But you are suggested to use G-Charge charger.

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