Ghaziabad Gets its 1st Ever Luxury Music Experience store – The Music Life

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The Luxury Music Life Shop: Perfect Gifts for the Music Lovers

A life without music sounds boring and nullified. Understanding the value of great music in an individual’s life, ‘The Music Life’ announced the opening of its new, luxury, exclusive store in Ghaziabad, tapping the unexplored opportunity in the region.

“After having a passion for luxury music accessories for more than 20 years, I down the line realized that Ghaziabad is still amongst the few regions that are still untapped and unexplored. Also, the region is witnessing a sudden rise in the disposable income of people that makes it one of the most suitable places to come up with a luxury music accessory store,” says Navin Kumar, Founder, The Music Life.

Associated with telecom, audio, and AI industry for the past 20 years, Navin Kumar has good exposure to product planning, retail, and P&L management. Navin is previously been associated with brands like Lava, Nokia, Siemens, Fly mobile phones and worked with Tech Pacific, Lava International, Hotspot Retails and others.

The store deals with the high-end and luxury music associated accessories that comprise of brands like Harman Kardon, Devialet, B&O, JBL, Monitor Audio, Bose, Skullcandy, and Motorola. The lowest and highest price of the available products is calculated to be around 20k and 7 lacs respectively.

In short, the store can turn out to be an ultimate one-stop destination for all the music lovers and enthusiasts that are looking for quality approved and luxury music accessory products.

He further added, “Plan is to build a chain of stores post zeroing on the right model for expansion. All learnings from running of this store will help us to zero-in on the right model and firm up the expansion plan. Idea is to put up at least 3 more stores this year”.

The demand for good music is a never-ending trend that will only boom with every passing day. Furthermore, people are likely to invest in more luxury based music accessories that can enhance the experience of great music. The newly launched store of ‘The Music Life’ is dealing with exclusive and luxury headphones, earphones, speakers, sound bars, home theatres, and portable speakers.

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