Mr. Gaurav Dureja, Director & Co-Founder VIZIN INDIA Pvt Ltd

Good manufacturing design house in India and easy components procurement can make India the manufacturing hub in the world

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Mr. Gaurav Dureja, Director & Co-Founder VIZIN INDIA Pvt Ltd, in interaction with Mobility magazine, narrates their manufacturing policy and Make in Inda objectives. Founded in 2018, Vizin is one of the prominent manufacturers of an extensive array of Data Cables, Mobile chargers, Bluetooth Speaker, USB chargers, and much more.

Q. Brief us about your manufacturing facilities and product line?

We have two manufacturing factories. One has production lines and SMBs for electronic products and the other for moulding. The total strength of workers is about 400 people. We have end-to-end solutions like moulds, moulding machines, cable moulding machines, etc. We have designed the company on 3D pillars – Design, Develop and Deliver. We design, develop and finally deliver the products. Earlier, we used to give OEM solutions to the customers, but now we give ODM solutions. As a part of our Make in India policy, we started manufacturing 4 years back and we have loyal customers. Earlier, people used to import products from China and assemble them here and then sell them. Now at Vizin, we are adding values at all the stages like designing and developing.

Q. What products are you manufacturing right now?

We are currently manufacturing chargers, wire cables, neckbands, earbuds, power banks, etc. Soon will introduce earphones and Bluetooth speakers into our production.

Q. What is the impact of Make in India? What challenges you are facing and what support do you expect from the government?

There has been a lot of change due to Make in India in the last 5 years. We are making end-to-end solutions for many products. Now the dependency started gradually decreasing, but the main problems the manufacturers facing are the shortage of components and backend support from the government. If we get a good manufacturing design house in India and the components procurement is made easy, then no one can stop us from manufacturing in India.

Q. Do you think India will become the next manufacturing hub in the world?

Within some years definitely India will become a major manufacturing base and an exporter. The confidence of manufacturers has also been boosted.

Q. Are you exporting products?

We have started exporting some of our products to African countries. In the next 3-4 years, we plan to export to other countries as well. Accessories industry market is very good in the African and European countries.

Q. What message do you want to give to the new manufacturers?

Every manufacturer and brand should opt to manufacture products in India as far as possible so that dependency on other countries decreases. It will also boost our ecosystem and provide many jobs to the local people.

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