GOQii launches in UK with National Health Services’ Modality Partnership, National GP Super-Partnership

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GOQii, the world’s leading health ecosystem and preventive health platform, has launched its services in UK with Modality Partnership to prevent and manage chronic lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia. The pilot programme began in August and is facilitated by Modality Partnership, through the Connected Care Partnership (CCP), a national vanguard programmefunded by NHS England for designing, testing and implementing new models of care. Modality Partnership delivers GP services at scale, offering primary, specialist and integrated community services with an aim to improve services for more than 200,000 patients.

Patients with chronic disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia and at-risk (pre-illness conditions) have been introduced to the GOQii platform and have begun a lifestyle coaching plan. To make this more impactful, effective and measurable, GOQii has internally classified all patients in this pilot programme on the basis of their medical conditions and requirements. This will further help to measure the improvements in the patient’s health as a direct correlation to making simple yet sustainable changes to their lifestyle.

GOQii’s plan for patient also includes an advanced fitness tracker, equipped to monitor and record their daily physical activity, sleep quantity and heart/pulse rate. Along with the activity data and coaching, GOQii smart app also enables patients to monitor and track their hydration level, food intake and access curated educational content to help them achieve their health goals.

Five Modality Partnership GP practices across Birmingham have been identified for the pilot. Project support is being provided by CCP team along with GPs and GOQii team, to identify patients.

GOQii is using its very own HRA (Health Risk Assessment) for collecting baseline data for each patient to not only get a better understanding of their health needs but, also to monitor their progress and map their parameters.

Each GP clinic can review their patient’s progress and assess it in real time, giving them complete 360 degree visibility to the patient’s progress and health and lifestyle journey.

Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO, GOQii Technologies Inc. said “GOQii through its Smart Preventive ecosystem enables users to make a positive lifestyle shift and we have seen early success with our users in various preventable and chronic disorders,

“Creating a balance between the medical and lifestyle parameters via the GOQii smart app, we aim to get the patients to make a permanent shift to healthy living and have a better quality of life,” Gondal adds.

Dr Naresh Rati, GP and CEO of Modality Partnership said: “We have chosen to work with GOQii to deliver this innovative pilot that aims to help our patients to manage their health better. The vanguard programme has allowed us to identify ways that we can provide new and exciting ways of working and providing care to our patients that can help them take more control of their health needs.

“We look forward to seeing the results that GOQii will hopefully deliver for our local patients, and to further harness new technologies to truly improve the way we deliver healthcare.”

Following this pilot, GOQii is looking to work more closely with the NHS ecosystem and present GOQii to a larger audience as a complete smart preventive health care solution.

GOQii is also part of India Emerging Twenty (IE20), created by London & Partners and launched by the Mayor of London. India Emerging Twenty is on a mission to discover 20 of India’s most innovative and high-growth companies with global aspirations.

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