Home and commercial spaces has led to the growth of Bluetooth enabled speakers and sound bars


The global Bluetooth speaker market was valued at USD 4.62 billion in 2018, and is expected to reach USD 34.56 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 40.38%, over the forecast period (2019 – 2024). The increasing need for eliminating more than one product in the home and commercial spaces has led to the growth of Bluetooth enabled speakers and sound bars.

We at Mobility India have seen this market grown drastically in India also, in the recent years more and more players have entered this category and looking it as a great opportunity to have a share in this segment. Many brands are also now manufacturing speakers in India and in the recent times they have witnessed huge demands from the market.

Impact Factors:

  • Bluetooth speakers have witnessed widespread adoption in the past few years, with these devices accounting for a sizeable share in the audio technology category. Bluetooth speakers come in many shapes and sizes, meeting the requirements of the consumers. With the end-users utilizing the devices having different requirements there is a range of Bluetooth speakers available in the market.
  • Rapid innovations and increasing R&D expenditure with new innovative applications have boosted the demand in the Bluetooth speakers market. The growing penetration of smartphones and increasing consumer awareness have further boosted the demand for Bluetooth speakers, worldwide.
  • Advanced technologies such as AI-assisted devices are expected to influence the growth of the market in the coming years. Products such as Amazon Alexa and Google Echo are finding high demand from the market. Thus, many manufacturers are looking to integrate these technologies to gain consumers.Global and Indian market overview:
    Denave, a global sales tech organisation focused on driving revenue growth for its customers, conducted a survey on the convergence of Artificial Intelligence and electronics in the Smart speaker category titled “Smart Speakers – India Market Analysis”. The survey conducted across 18 states, 36 cities, 400+ stores and 20,000+ in-store purchases between April – October 2018, is focused on understanding the smart speaker market in India by studying market sentiments, demographic impact and overall adoption trends. The report is significant in predicting future investments or revenue generation expectation for industry players in the same category.Key Findings of the report:
  • Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore together contributes to 70% of smart speaker sale in India
  • Delhi tops the list at 28%. West Mumbai accounts for more than half of the smart speaker sales in Mumbai at 59.31%. In Bengaluru, 84.88% of smart speaker sale comes from East and South Bengaluru
  • Large Format Stores contribute to 61% of Total Product Sale
  • The age-group of 25-35 years are the top buyers of smart speakers for both men and women
  • Around 75% men & 25% women buy smart speakers

Briefly, while the Indian Smart Speaker market may still be in a nascent stage, the growth rate and demographic dividend presents immense market opportunities. India remains a hot market for the product category as the geo-specific customisations become more pronounced and usage patterns are taken into consideration for planning the marketing and sales strategy. In due course of time, the growing consumption of smart speakers in India may become a key driver for propelling the trend of connected and interactive homes experience.
According to a study the global Bluetooth speaker market was valued at USD 4.62 billion in 2018, and is expected to reach USD 34.56 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 40.38%, over the forecast period (2019 – 2024). The increasing need for eliminating more than one product in the home and commercial spaces has led to the growth of Bluetooth enabled speakers and sound bars.
The bluetooth speaker market is highly fragmented, as changing consumer demands are pushing companies to innovate in the space to attract more consumers. The competition in this market has intensified over the years, with companies launching a multitude of products to attract consumers. We asked some of the key players in the Indian market to know more about the key trend and forecast about this market.

Mr. Hino Hidenori, Audio Head, Sony India
The Bluetooth speaker market is booming in India. With rising disposable incomes, consumers particularly millennials are turning to portable Bluetooth-enabled speakers as a go-to product. Due to usage of devices while travelling or while on the move which can involve rugged conditions consumer are having higher affinity towards features like durability of the product, higher battery life and dust/ water-proof devices, which are aligned to the lifestyle of modern users. Consumers are looking at upgrading to wireless audio solutions because they are seeking freedom from wires and need a compact product loaded with features. While Bluetooth compatibility is a key ask from consumers in case of small speakers. Those who are looking for party entertainment system like Sony GTK-PG10/ Sony MHC-V21D, demand for portability with various entertainment features. To meet this market demand Sony has specifically designed additional features like Karaoke, Party Lights and sound effects, musical instruments’ connectivity, etc. in our party speakers which enhance the over-all party experience.

  • Sony GTK-PG10:
  • Ultimate party speaker with tweeters for clear vocals and surround sound
  • Unique form factor with open & close panel with splash-proof top
  • 13 hours battery backup for non-stop party
  • Portable wireless speaker with convenient cup holder, perfect for outdoor parties
  • Interactive feature including Karaoke to enhance the party experience

Mr. Mike Chen, TCL India Country Manager
Indians do prefer large speakers, with punchy bass and clear high frequencies. TV sounds are just not good enough, and 2.1 and 5.1 are very common in India. Indian still seems to buy more 2.1 and 5.1 than sound bars from what i see in the trade shows. Going forward Smart speakers with voice assistant, airplay and chrome cast, work across multiple ecosystems, multi-room and multi-channel capable speakers will have a huge scope.
TCL has also highlighted its extensive capabilities in audio technology with its newly-launched range of new-age audio solutions. These include smart TV sound solution with Bluetooth/line-in, SD card slot, USB, FM, and remote control; a Tower & Sound bar.

Ms. Komal Agarwal, Director – Pebble
In terms of sound quality, innovation is moving towards providing higher sound output and bass at a lower cost. Since portability of the speakers has led to increase in their use for travel, the demand is moving towards more rugged speakers that are waterproof, shockproof, smaller and lighter. Smart speakers are definitely going to be huge with voice commands and google integration. Portable bluetooth devices are much more in demand than the traditional soundbars or 2.1 and 5.1. This is majorly because of the lower ASP and cost effectiveness of the portable devices, due to which the average Indian consumer can now comfortably purchase and own a high end speaker. Secondly ease of setup and use and multiple inbuilt playing options have also led to these being favoured more over sound bars and 2.1 speakers.

With no tangled wires, Pebble BassX speaker brings 360 surround sound experience. Delivering not just Sound, radiators for high-quality sound that’s loud enough for any party. The sound quality at 10W RMS is crystal clear and very pure, with crisp highs, detailed midranges, earth-shattering bass and plenty of depth. The bass from the speaker sounds full, rich and very deep that brings punchy beats that hits hard and tight without sounding bloated or muddying into the midrange frequencies.
It also comes with a massive 2200mAh power battery that has enough power to deliver up to 5-6 hours of continuous music playtime on a single charge. The Pebble BassX speaker is equipped with in built microphone, which allows calls while connected to the speaker without any interruption.

Mandeep Arora, Managing Director, UBON
With most of new home buyers Aiming for smart homes, smart AI enabled speakers are growing more in popularity, consumers now are more tech savvy & focus a lot on the physical appearance of the speaker as well, it should match their home ambience well. In office sphere now people need music as a major stress buster so speakers are covering more offices than before. We are very optimistic in terms of the future of Bluetooth speakers. A lot needs to be done in the segment and every company is working best to its abilities to manufacture & innovate the consumer’s audio experience. We too are planning to develop AI enabled speakers that can offer battery life up to 10 hours. Bluetooth speakers might see drastic decrease in sizes and enhanced audio experience. Wi-Fi enabled speakers too can be game changer in the segment. Consumer could play any choice of music without the need of a phone/USB. Things are in the pipeline & we shall see the results in the upcoming amazing future.

Ubon SP-6525 Rugged
Armed with powerful sound technology that delivers supreme quality audio with a sleek design, This UBON Wireless Bluetooth Speakers are an ideal pick for all music lovers. It comes with an effective Bluetooth feature that offers seamless connection without any need of wires. The easy to use features and voice prompt feature facilitate comfortable usage Deep bass with powerful audio output. This powerful UBON speakers comes with Bluetooth connectivity technology that removes the hassle of wires and lets you enjoy seamless connectivity. It also has a voice prompt that speaks when you are pairing other devices with this speaker. It also has an Auxiliary port that enables easy connectivity with other music devices.

Mr. Rohit Sahni, Director, WK Life
India is a land of family setup and the majority of the products purchased are manufactured by keeping in mind the family structure. Though commercial products are also used by corporate and recreational spaces home products still outweighs them. Use of speakers is more in houses than that of other spaces. Be it is any get together or moving out with family and friends, home products like Bluetooth sound bars are easy to carry. Beyond that, techies are emphasizing more on improvising technology for home-based products to add little more comfort. With the infusion of Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant and now Amazon’s Alexa, the technology has evolved. Voice is now an ‘original interface’ and is preferred method of communication as we all are comfortable with it. The voice command has added more personalized responses to contextual understanding where speaking can complete your tasks quickly than typing long paragraphs. The major shift in search behaviour has been a topic of discussion. This big change is because of changing user demands. Now, we have finally moved to voice after ages of writing emails, IMs, messaging and type-to search.

Bluetooth speaker RB-M26 is a Bluetooth speaker and watch along with the alarm facility. The battery power is 4400MAh, it supports TF card, AUX cable, USB play, FM Radio, and has a life up to 6-12 hours after full charge.

Mr. Ashok Rajpal – Managing Director_Ambrane
Speakers have been one of the fast adopted technologies in India. The development of wireless connectivity technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect to smartphones, tablets, PCs, or any other dedicated wireless controller is propelling the growth of the wireless speaker market. The introduction of Bluetooth speakers is changing the technological landscape in the global market. The growing demand for innovative audio equipment is encouraging the leading players to launch new products in the market to attract new consumers. The adoption has been balanced for both Homes and Commercial, and shall be aggressive with the changing ecosystem. Smart speaker sales to both new and existing users should grow strongly in 2019, and also likely in 2020. For the market to continue growing beyond then, the device should have multiple applications beyond just playing music or speaking a weather forecast.

Powered by 1200 mAh battery which provides an excellent playback time of up to 6 hours of continuous play. The Speaker comes with FM radio and TF card support so even if your devices are down your speaker won’t. Truly Handy with a strap & easy to control operations with Play/pause, call function and Mode change buttons, stay controlled in Music. With its in built microphone you can easily take calls while connected to the speaker.

Pranjit Hazarika, Director, Punta India Pvt Ltd.
Consumer’s mindset towards home audio entertainment is undergoing a paradigm shift from the traditional more bulky audio system to the sleek, affordable, low maintenance Bluetooth speakers requiring minimum space. With rapid urbanization, increase of the size of the young working population; rising smartphone penetration and sale of other IT and electronic segments like laptop, computer devices etc; the need for a compact solution of streaming of music at home or outdoors have contributed to the adoption of these set of speakers. The ability of these portable devices to easily assimilate data across multiple platforms and subsequent seamless transmission makes life convenient and easier for consumers. This growth will also witnesses lot of technological advances to create newer niches amongst existing segments, newer features to attract new and existing consumer base, lot of actions at the offline and online channels to spurt the growth with an inundation of consumer offers. I personally feel that AI will primarily drive this change in the short and midterm. A device that apart from providing you high quality content of your choicest music also integrates your command to make your home a smart home. I reckon some exciting times ahead for our consumers.

PUNTA 60 W Active Sub Woofer D.J Roar
• Studio-Quality Design, Sound And Performance Ideal For Multimedia Creation And Entertainment
• Virtual surround sound experience.
• Stream Music From Any Smartphone, Tablet Or Other Bluetooth Enabled Device
• Lightweight Rubber Spring Bass polymer surround
• High bass performance auditor

Mr. Manish Gupta, Vice President – Gizmore
Gizmore believes With the increasing demand for the latest technology by the customers, brands are on their toes to introduce more and more models in the speaker segment with all the features and budget friendly. Multimedia speakers, over the years, have undergone immense transformation to incorporate the latest technologies and innovations. Among the various developments is the wireless technology that is gaining widespread adoption the world over. Changing consumer preferences, lifestyles and media consumption habits are driving the acceptance of a range of new, innovative and non-traditional solutions for media playback. Growing demand for mobility, increasing proliferation of connected devices and rising penetration of Wi-Fi networks is making wireless connectivity a standard feature in urban households. While ‘audio quality’ has long been the only product feature influencing consumer purchase decisions, the future will witness the speakers’ ability to wirelessly connect with mobile devices as a key deciding factor. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled speakers are therefore growing in popularity and are boosting market prospects for the overall market.

BOOM Barrel 10M Bluetooth speaker
It has got multiple connectivity options, an output of 10W and digital Bass Enhancement feature. To speak about the specifications, the BOOM Barrel 10M Bluetooth speaker has a battery of 1,800mAh that has a charging capacity of 5V. It can stay connected to the phone within the range of 10 meters.
Frequency response is between 50Hz-10KHz and the device can last up to 4 hours when fully charged. However, it takes 4-5 hours in order to charge completely.

Mr Yogesh Bhatia, MD, Detel
In India people are using wireless speakers mostly domestically. Customers are considering something that will blend in with their home decor as well for example, a contemporary design, which is perfect for the urban living room. Also they are getting great sound for their smart devices and TV, simply and inexpensively, with Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speakers are small, convenient and affordable. They require far less space than a standard speaker and can be transported almost anywhere. Future can be good with voice command. In the age of Smart Devices and Artificial Intelligence, these are the next big step for voice assistants. To put it simply, they are music speakers combined with a voice command system that the user can interact with. These devices work on a wake-up word to activate the voice command process. This smartness is the main factor that why people are attracting towards these devices.

Detel Tashan:
Wireless and portable, the speaker is ideal for enjoying music outside, whether it’s a party, a picnic or a camping trip. The Bluetooth speaker comes with Mic, so one can enjoy karaoke with their friends and family as well. The speaker also has an FM tuner function and USB play and charge.

Mr.J.S.Ahuja, Director Akasaki
India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world today. What we are witnessing is a paradigm shift in customer aspirations and preferences which will continue to change until another decade. When we look at Bluetooth users today
we are essentially talking about the age group 16-35 young customers who are willing to experiment with new technology. Tier 2 & 3 cities will see a dramatic shift in customer preferences as they are aspiring cities of India’s future. Bluetooth as wireless technology has entered version 5.0 which includes its integration with IoT devices or mesh networks & AI voice assistants, this change will impact both Home and Commercial business’s and how they use IoT (Internet of Things) products and for manufacturers to integrate the new capabilities in their devices which effect a range of industries from Lighting, Industrial Automation, Networking, Internet, Automobile, etc.

Airmax AX-16 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
• It has inbuilt microphone for hands free call – which enables us to Answering /End / Reject calls without any disturbance while you are driving , listening to music etc.
• It provides you up to 4 to 6 hours of playback at a full charge so that you can enjoy your music for a longer period of time.
• With this wireless speaker you can connect all your bluetooth devices up to 10 m.
• It provides you 1100 mAh battery capacity.
• 1 year warranty period.

Mr. Rajneesh Wadhawan (NSM), Glorious
India has seen the growth of speakers both in the commercial as well as home category. People specially the youth wants to get the latest technology that is Bluetooth speakers with unique designs and the sound quality. In the commercial space also surround sound systems have become common whether it be a 5 star hotel restaurant or a local café. Thus there is lot of scope for speakers in the both of categories. We at GLORIOUS seen this a big opportunity of latest upcoming trend and introduced unique ,eye catching designs and different shapes and models of Bluetooth speakers. The future trend in Bluetooth speakers segment will be smart connected speakers. Smart Speakers will not just be for listening to music but will you be able to use them for your day to day life with integration of google assistant or Alexa. With just one voice command you will be able to switch off/on the fan or mute /unmute the TV or the speaker itself.

Glorious :GL Music
Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Transmission, can play U disk stored MP3 fi les, can play TF stored MP3, and support all 3.5 mm external audio input.

Mr.Jitender Bhatia,JK Enterprises(JBTEK),
Due to advancement in audio technology i.e., growing popularity of multi-room streaming, high R&D investments, advent of cloud-hosted music streaming services are main trends in the portable Bluetooth speakers is very high. Voice search allows users to perform a search by verbally asking a questions, format like these are getting huge demands & will increase more in this segment.

Pranay Punjabi – CEO & Director of Xech.
Upon being educated, consumers are understanding the different kinds of technologies now available & are wanting to adopt the latest when it comes to Connectivity & Portability. This segment extends to using different devices for different uses. Such as Voice Assisted Speakers, Bluetooth Speakers & adapting it differently for home or commercial use depending on the output required. Smart Speakers definitely seem to be the future trend along with additional features such as waterproof, shockproof & dust proof. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence in speakers has stimulated massive consumer interest in smart devices and their potential applications. Consumers now want to be entertained, informed, educated and even control smart home devices by simply asking a question. As cloud-connected systems continue to expand, these features are expected to be included in a much broader range of devices.

Xech Hot and Cold Flask with Bluetooth Speaker
Detachable Bluetooth speaker flask Put the bluetooth speakers and water bottle together, use seamless connection and it will not leak water, suitable for indoor home or outdoor Bike, Riding, Fishing, Camp etc..The bottle body adopts advanced international inspection material -, inside and outside Play your favorite music on-the-go, enjoy Music and stay Hydrated. Convenient carry handle. High Quality Hot AND Cold Flask With Bluetooth Speaker Stainless steel body with 500ML capacity Ideal for indoor and outdoor use Double desk vacuum flak with spill proof cap. Has inbuilt 5W water proof speaker, can connect with Bluetooth and Aux cable.Creative Product: Ready to be synced with your Bluetooth-enabled device & outfitted with control buttons, this wireless speaker bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated & entertained when biking, hiking, camping, etc.

Mr. Rajesh Doshi, Founder & Director | Zebronics
With the growth of smartphones adoption in the market, there corresponding growth in the demand for accessories. And the demand for wireless portable speakers has been increasing fast. Nowadays, users want Bluetooth speakers not just with multi-connectivity options but also with unique features that truly set them apart. Now, most speakers at Zebronics are wireless supported and our headphone/earphones like Zeb-Peace are also wiretearphones like Peace, Thunder, etc come with voice assistance. Our speaker range is well designed to give an ultimate bass factor with high-end quality output for an audience that is truly in love with music and loves the kick of bass with their festivities. In future, we will see greater demand for accessories with advanced features like voice assistance.

D. K. Bharti | Country Head – India |e-Ping
The India mobile phone accessories market has grown significantly in recent years with immense opportunities owing to substantial growth in the worldwide adoption of smartphones and tablets. Decreasing prices of mobile phones is increasing smartphone penetration, which in turn is surging the growth of the India mobile phone accessories market. Increasing disposable income has transformed consumer buying and spending trends mainly in urban areas. Adoption of mobile devices amongst the youth across the globe has provided a robust stimulus for the growth of the market. Moreover, increasing internet penetration has uplifted the trend of online retailing in the India mobile phone accessories market due to convenience of cash on delivery payment option and various price discounts along with a wide variety of products offered by e-retailers. This is anticipated to catalyse the growth of the India mobile phone accessories market.

Mr. Ishwar Kumhar, Director, IOT Enterprise
In India the adoption is more towards the Home segment. The major factor for this boost is the smart speaker segment. People are getting familiar to control appliances and completing tasks on a voice assistant for the first time. These new initiatives are going to smoothen the adoption cycle for the smart speakers in India. Slowly manufacturing of Bluetooth speakers has started in India and will definitely grow in long term.
To make this process easier the other industries like PCB manufacturing, battery manufacturing etc should also be supported and a whole new ecosystem for manufacturing should be created.
Portable devices obviously are in more demand and the obvious reason is the new mindset of Indian audience. Speakers are now coming in vibrant colors and have become a style statement. Portable water resistant speakers with AI functionality are trending now and will soon capture huge chunk of this segment. The future definitely will be dominated by AI enabled speakers. I would love seeing speakers and home automation bundling together to redefine this segment.

Arvinder Singh Sales & Operation Manager,SSKY
With the increasing demand of the customers, Bluetooth speakers have witnessed widespread adoption in past few years, with these devices accounting for a sizable share in audio category. Bluetooth speakers come in many sizes and shapes, meeting the requirement of the consumers. With the end user utilising the devices having different requirement, there is a range of Bluetooth speakers available in Indian market for home and commercial use. Smart speaker will the future segment which include LCD screen to watch videos also as the young generation also want to watch video with audio. The growth audio streaming technology in various application like wireless speaker and in cars – information systems, is driving the portable Bluetooth market. With the increasing Bluetooth usage in the audio and entertainment industry, 8 out of 10 speakers may include Bluetooth by the end of 2021. And the smart speaker market is expected to grow by three times by the end of 2021.

SSKY BTX-CANNON 6 W Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker
• Battery Back-up: 2200mAh Rechargeable Battery, Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 9 hours of playtime and charges devices via the USB port
• Control Buttons: The sound up & down, play & pause, call pick & cut, Bluetooth connect, Power button and multi-device connection buttons allows you to give more flexibility and control on your speaker all in one touch. Great,
• Social Mode -Music has never been this social, connect up to 2 music sources to the same Charge 2 speaker and have a listen to everyone’s favorite tunes. It also has a memory card slot & aux compatible.
• Crystal Clear Sound: Dynamic Sound Effect with Crystal Clear Sound Playback, thanks to the noise and echo canceling speakerphone

Gaurav Goel, Founder and Sales Director, ZAAP India
Yes, Portable Bluetooth speakers are suitable for outdoor use, making them a hit among outdoorsy Latin Americans. Proliferation of wireless technologies, coupled with increasing penetration of Smartphones & other smart devices, in Latin America too, we are also expecting the drive in the demand for portable Bluetooth speakers to go up phenomenally. The global wireless audio devices market has been witnessing steady growth over the last few years on account of growing implementation of wireless devices in various sectors and the increasing demand for consumer electronics. The market has been divided into various product categories, namely, wireless speaker system, wireless headsets, wireless microphone, sound bars, and others.
Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow with the highest rate due to growing advancement in the technology as well as due to the growing demand and adoption of smartphones in the region.

ZAAP Hydra Xtreme
ZAAP Hydra Xtreme, compatible with iOS, Android & Windows devices comes with an astonishing battery backup due to its 2,000 mAh battery. This speaker can give up to 8 hours of play time with just one full charge. Hydra Xtreme further allows the users to accept or reject phone calls, change tracks or adjust the volume all with the help of its built-in microphone.