Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 gets Android 10-based EMUI 10 Update

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Huawei Consumer Business Group India announced that the Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 will now come equipped with Huawei’s proprietary EMUI 10 update. The software update will bring in four ace elements to the device – significant improvement to the UX, state-of-the-art Magazine Design, Morandi Color, Dark Mode and Animation. Since its very launch, the Huawei Y9 Prime has riveted its position as the bestselling smartphone category on e-commerce major and also has several coveted awards to its name. Key features of EMUI 10:

Magazine Design: This enables on-screen content to be seamlessly curated into an attractive and engaging design style, similar to a magazine. This feature also applies to our user interface design.

Morandi Color: Celebrated artist Giorgio Morandi is best known for his subtle and sophisticated pastel color palettes. It is this style and color scheme that has inspired the new colors in EMUI 10. The result is rich color textures, bringing out a sense of space and layering and producing an elegant, high-quality color experience, perfectly designed for the screen.

Dark Mode: In the Huawei Ambient Light Lab, we simulate four different light intensities, track eye movement data, study long-term comfort, and how image and text contrast ratios can impact reading comfort. Based on the results of these studies, we’ve designed a new type of Dark Mode, with an intent to ensure optimum comfort and complete enjoyment. With Huawei, changing from normal mode to dark mode is more than simply reversing the colors. Instead, we optimize the colors of text, images and on-screen icons to provide the best experience in a variety of different light levels and environments.

Animation: Only animation fitting with user’s psychological expectations can give users a smooth gaming experience. In this animation design, Huawei has taken the concept of unifying “Hand, Eye and Heart”. The animation will provide instant feedback to your hand on the phone, your “eye” a smooth movement and the response time that fit with user’s expectation in “heart”. These can be experienced especially on the actions of clicking, shifting and return.

EROFS: The revolutionary new file system, EROFS (Extendable Read-Only File System) offers improved disk performance and speed and at the same time helps in saving the disk space. It can increase the random read speed by 20% up to 63.3MB/s, while also saving more than 2GB of system storage. The new file system will also ensure higher response rate when it comes to reading file such as documents, music or videos. It will also help while launching a large app including a game; the start up speed will be faster and takes less time.

GPU Turbo: The GPU 3.0 feature energizes gaming performance without exorbitantly snacking on the battery. The benefits include a smooth and seamless experience and improved battery performance while gaming. It cuts down on SoC power consumption by 10% and optimizes the performance of the underlying system to provide a seamless gaming experience. Besides faster touch response and lower energy consumption, GPU Turbo reduces frame drops and results in a higher average frame rate compared to when the feature is switched off.

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