iBall Showcases Its ‘i’ For Innovation Prowess

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Time and technology wait for no one. Every day brings in new innovations and revolutions in the tech world. Consumers are constantly seeking ‘cutting-edge’ and ‘new-age’ products. iBall doesn’t just listen to consumers, they understand their needs and continually strive to exceed their expectations.

With the aim is to bring the tech of tomorrow to India, today. iBall – India's premier home-grown tech accessory brand sets a new paradigm with the launch of superior products with high – end technologies for the first time in India. The newly launched consumer-centric products to make their life more easy, comfortable and effortless. The new range of products helps consumers to make smart choices in their life.

Here are the products that will disrupt the technology and electronic device sector in India.

Alexa Voice

Voice recognition has come a long way in the last decade led by Amazon & Google who took the lead in creating devices that listen and respond aurally. iBall has partnered with Alexa to bring users a stylish & comfortable Bluetooth on ear headphones – Decibel Headphones and a premium neckband Bluetooth earphones – EarWear Base Pro both with in-built Alexa. Making it possible to ask Alexa almost anything. From asking tomorrow’s weather to asking what’s the current fuel price? It’s an incredible way to communicate with the internet.

True Wireless

True wireless is a fairly new invention that allows two aural devices, or a pair of stereo headphones or speakers to connect with each other with your source device all together.
With the benefit of no wires. Period. iBall launches a pair true wireless earphones – TW101 and a pair of true wireless speakers – MusiTwins.

The TW101 features two ergonomic EarPods that fit comfortably in the ear canal and include three sizes of buds. The pods come in their own battery backed charging case which can recharge them for upto 7 hours of use. Convenient and cool, true wireless is the future.

The MusiTwins is iBall’s first Red Dot design award winning product and is a whole new approach to portable smart speakers. It is essentially two individual speakers that connect to each other truly wirelessly but can also be rejoined as a single unit. A show off device it has to be heard and held to be believed. It’s even IPX67 rated completely waterproof. 15 watts of sound (7.5x 2) rounds of what is easily this year’s winner in the innovation race.

Outdoor Rugged Portable Speakers With Power Bank

Travelling? Hiking? Beachside? No power points in sight? iBall understands these situations of today’s generation and have created two speakers exclusively for outdoor use which can survive any environment – sand, ice, water or dirt.

The high voltage high capacity batteries in these models to not only extend your recreation time but can also serve as a power bank to charge your primary devices. iBall Musi Boom is a portable BT and IPX7 waterproof speaker with fabric design and rugged rubber material suitable for an indoor and outdoor while Musi Rock is a rugged Bluetooth speaker with a power bank feature that serves multi-functional use to consumers.

Mesh Wi-Fi Routers

A new innovative technology in iBall’s mesh routers deliver an exceptional experience.
Most homes, offices and cafes have multiple rooms and doors and angles. Normal Wi-Fi routers with multiple antennae’s cannot cover inevitable sections of the establishment.

The only solution previously was to add multiple repeaters across the space – the old school way. Whenever one moves with their device, the network would drop off and reconnect to the next nearest router or repeater which led to inconsistent network.

iBall’s Mesh routers create an invisible network grid for end to end coverage. Once easily installed and mesh network created, the routers connect to each other while your device connects to the seamless invisible mesh, in simple terms, consistent Wi-Fi at your home or workplace.

They are available for Gigabit fibe enabled spaces can choose the WR12GN and a regular LAN version can choose the WRD12EM.

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