iFrogz Audio Tadpole Active

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By Jayanta Ghosh

Easily take with you, everywhere you go

ZAGG is a leading global mobile accessories company announced its entry in to the Indian market. They offers a broad range of products, from the industry-standard InvisibleShield screen protectors and mobile keyboards, to power management solutions, mobile audio and cases etc.

We have recently got a chance to review the iFrogz Tadpole Active ultra portable Bluetooth speaker.

At first we are very excited to see the look n feel and size of the iFrogz Tadpole, which is ultra-small, super-portable and with very minimalist operations. The only button one can find on the speaker is the power button, just press it for few seconds and its on and ready for pairing.
Very easy to pair and with the single button you can pauses the sound and another starts it playing again and with two quick presses move to the next item on your playlist and three go back.

When I paired it with my Smartphone it quickly connects and gives quite impressive sound output. Was not expecting that clarity with such a small key ring size speaker. I roam around in my house and office space gives me unobstructed 50 feet playback and obstructions, dropouts will occur in as little as 20 feet. Its lithium polymer battery can power up to two hours of continuous play and a simple micro USB charging port makes recharging a snap.

The best thing that I liked about this speaker is its convenience to use and carry around, you can clip it with your belt, travel bag, purse and enjoy mobile Bluetooth music any time anywhere. There is a 5-inch long mini-USB cord that you use to recharge the speaker. The battery is not removable. Tadpole Active is available in variety of fresh colors to choose from in many ecommerce sites in India.

Price: 1700/-
Pros: Size, Design, audio quality.
Cons: Little expensive

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