iFrogz Carbide

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By Jayanta Ghosh

Premium On ear headphone with an affordable pricetag

On ear headphones feature much larger drivers than the in-ear type and use pads that sit directly on your ears. These tend to (but not exclusively) use closed cups, as their relatively small size makes them a good second choice as a travel pair if you don’t get on with IEMs. One issue with on-ear headphones, though, is that they’re often a bit picky about positioning. Not all sets will make a good seal with your ear in every position, which can result in reduced sound quality if they’re not sitting right. Comfort can be a problem, too.

The iFrogz Carbide  is a latest in this line up and the headphones feature 40mm neodymium drivers   with  ultra-soft, flat AeroFoam cushions and a wide AeroFoam headband, it also features Storage Clip cable management system keeps your cable in place during activities, and prevents tangles when not in use.

Performance :
Engineered for comfort, quality audio, and style, the Carbide headphones are designed to make a statement. Their single-button, in-line remote/microphone makes music and call management easy. The unique Storage Clip holds your nylon cable in place while listening and helps prevent tangling when you toss your Carbides in a bag. The angled jack also helps prevent accidental dislocation when you just have to dance.  It is like wearing a cloud on your ears  very light and comfy. Very small sound leakage as foam is super soft. Surprising great sound at all levels. Great bass and mid. Cord seems very good quality. It dose not offer you folding option so if you are in a long road trip or out for many days, you might feel little uneasy while carry around it in your neck all the time, even though it is very lightweight.

Price: Rs 3,499
Design, sound quality, features
Non fold able

Design: 4
Performance: 4
Value for Money: 4
Overall: 4

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