In 2012, NUU Mobile began an ambitious International expansion Project from US and now they are in India


Mobility India caught up with Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Saluja, Director NUU Mobile India to talk about his journey and his planes for NUU mobiles in India.

Over 22 years of rich experience in telecom industry both in the international and domestic market.In the domestic front, Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Saluja was associated with big telecom brands to name a few like Motorola, Siemens and Haier where he did the entire distribution set-up for various regions. After gaining the domestic experience he moved to the international market where he was quite active in setting up the retail, distribution and operations for MENA region with Cellucom and CGC NOKIA. Post 5 years of International stint with Nokia he made his clever move to the booming telecom industry in India where he joined MAP MY INDIA and was heading the Navigation Business then later with INGRAM MICRO as National Head Sales respectively. He is an exemplary leader and carry tremendous Management Skills. His depth of knowledge and width of experience makes him a complete Sales & marketing professional.

Can you please brief us about the Inception?

NUU mobile was founded in the US in 2010 to develop high-end smart phones. We opened a small R&D team in Minnesota US where we tested our product in the most challenging, competitive and technological advanced environment and there is we realized our potential and gained strength to expand further. In 2012, NUU Mobile began an ambitious International expansion Project and steadily expanded across the globe from the US – London to Hong Kong, Miami to Tokyo, Amsterdam to Jakarta and now in India.

How do you want to go about in India?

Aggressive and penetrate deep inside the Indian market. There are some quite exciting marketing strategies in place. Our main focus will be on delivering quality products; combined with quality customer services.

What will be your brand positioning?

Innovative, Premium and Good – Looking Designer Smartphone’s is what we would like to get perceived as.  Our phones are Slim, Sleek and light in weight. To compliment the features our key focus would be on Customer Services.

Any plans to set-up R&D and manufacturing unit in India?

We are a US based company and our existing R&D team is working since last 6 months on the designs specifically for the Indian Market. We are keen to open up our R&D infrastructure in India in near future. Our aim is to become the most trusted smartphone manufacturer who provides customers with solutions and technology that meets their needs.

As a US brand what are you plans to compete in India, where the Smartphone market is very dynamic?

The Indian smartphone market is quite diverse. In past, several years there has been drastic changes in technology and ideology in Indian market which gave us a leverage to step in with advanced phones with cutting edge designs. With the new government movement of Digital India and smart phone being a necessity our core focus would be to sell quality and reliable Smartphones which will distinguish us from the rest. We try to give quality products with unique services and that is “our key advantage while winning customer loyalty.”

What will be your distribution and channel strategy?

Our distribution and channel strategy will be focused purely on offline market. Our products will be available in stores from July 2017 onwards We want the customers to get the look and feel of the product before making their purchase decision. Our designs and products will be a satisfying factor for our customers.

Why you feel India is important market for you and what kind of numbers you are looking for with your debut product?

There is a lot of opportunity for a brand in India as it is one of the world’s 2nd largest growing dynamic smartphone market. If one can successfully overcome and touch the Indian consumer mind then sky’s is the limit. We as an American brand have closely done our homework on the taste of Indian consumers and have come up with tailor made designer lean and eye-catching quality Android™ Smartphone’s. It’s a great culmination of the hardware and design work the company has been perfecting over the past few years with customer oriented products and that’s how we distinguish our self. Our endeavor is to provide “the best service and quality to our customers”