Inbase Aims to become a Leading Provider of Cutting-Edge Smartwatches

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Inbase tech, founded in 2003 is a company formed and operated by Sunshine Telelink with the purpose of enhancing the mobile experience through innovative accessories. Inbase strives to care and protect the users’ gadgets with accessories, with superior quality, ergonomically built and superior features, that come in strong and stylish packaging! The company provides a wide spectrum of accessories that match the needs of a diversified user base. They have a slew of brands, viz Inbase, Arrow, IPak, Willsun, Urban Series etc each presenting a wide range of products to address the needs and tastes or different types of customers. Their products under their different brands include Smart Watches, Neck Bands, TWS, Earphones, Chargers, Cables, Power banks, Cleaning Kits, Tablet Stands, Stylus Pens, Back Covers, Temper Glasses, Air Pod Pouches, Pop Grips, Belt Pouches, etc. In an interaction with Mobility Magazine, Aashish Kumbhat, Managing Director of Inbase- Innovation Delivered shares about their company’s product portfolio, market strategy and future plans.

Aashish shares, “Initially we started with Willsun brand providing chargers, scratch-guards, LCD displays, batteries, etc for feature phones. Then we launched Inbase brand with 85 SKUs and a wide range of products including chargers, power cords, back covers, Earphones etc. After smartphones started appearing in the market, we kept on adding new products updating quality and technology, according to the changing market trends and the tastes of youth and customers. Then we launched Arrow brand with a wide range of affordable back covers, Audio Products, Chargers, Cables, Neckbands, TWS, etc. Since we have already been into providing accessories for the past several years, it has not been difficult for us to launch new brands, add new products and increase the number of variants with different features. Our Arrow series of neckbands are fantastic and we have been getting stunning response and demand from the market. We have another brand IPak with a wide range of backcovers for luxury or high-end smartphones and the brand is also doing very well. Today, our expanded range of accessories is very well accepted by the consumers and we are present pan-India. All our products come with world class quality on which we never compromise.”

Urban is their new series for the smart wearables focusing with style quotient aimed at youth and millennials. The motto of this series is to provide affordable luxury and style and give an enhanced experience to its users with diverse backgrounds.

Aashish elaborates, “Currently our main focus is on promoting our smartwatches. Recently, we have launched two variants of our smartwatch – Urban Fit and Urban Beep – which are priced very aggressively to attract youth. In the coming months, we will have over 30 variants of smartwatches in the range of Rs 3000-5000. These watches come with great features, long battery power, heart rate monitor, multiple sports modes. We believe that the present time is right for smartwatches as more people are getting health-conscious. We see a very good market for smartwatches in the coming years. We are looking for more partners for our smartwatch portfolio. The partners who associate with us in near future are expected to reap good benefits and also they will have access to all our brands.”

Urban Fit smartwatch comes with super light and impact resistant steel metal watch case. It is now available in 3 latest and flamboyant swappable strap colors that one can swap in a blink and also one can do twinning with customizable watch faces every day! This smartwatch offers versatility and powerful features with a full touch curved screen and no buttons. The devices, backed by an international standard rating of IP68, are deemed fit enough to withstand dust, dirt and sand, and are resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5 m underwater for up to thirty minutes. Heart-rate monitor tracks cardiovascular exercises, such as walking, running, hiking, climbing and skiing. The sports-watch models that connect to a chest strap allow for continuous tracking of your heart-rate by sending the information to a monitor worn on the wrist.

“We created different brands, models and variants to appeal to different segments of people in terms of the social class, affordability, age, etc. When it comes to selling our products we are associated with the leading LFRs like Reliance, Croma, Poorvika, Big C, Sangeeta Mobiles, Pai Mobiles, etc. Our offline channel partner network is also strong and wide. Though we have not advertised or promoted in a big way, our brands are well-known across India and our products are in great demand,” adds Aashish

The Urban Beep smartwatch comes with an hassle-free smart one touch sensor and gives precise health insights and keeps the user always connected, whether one is at work place, workout, out on travel or at sleep. It has a toughened carbon fiber casing body design and an assortment of straps to personalize its look! Equipped with a bigger screen for clearer and colourful display and gamut of other features, it’s the right beep with right blend of style and fitness. Urban Beep comes with multiple health features like step count, heart rate, multi sport mode, sleep monitor, interesting music and camera control that ensures fun even when away from mobile.

Aashish concludes, “Right now about 55% of our business comes from Inbase brand, 35% from Arrow and 10% from other brands. Willsun is our earliest brand but now it is not our main focus though it will continue to exist. Now our immediate focus is on Urban smartwatches, where other brands will continue to have their place as usual. We are clear and serious about our strategy and our main strength will be offline channel and of course our products are also available sale over our own website. We are looking for more distributors and dealers to associate with us and make best use of the opportunity. We have a wide portfolio of products driven by 500-700 SKUs. We are not a fly-by-night brand and we are going to be here for a long time. Those who associate with us will get access to all our brands and their diverse products portfolios to reap the benefits. We are an offline channel driven company and the channel is our extended arms and the growth of our partners is our growth. We have many channel-friendly policies. We are already present across India and we are going to strengthen our presence and reach further in the coming years. We want our Urban series to be one of the leading providers of smartwatches in India and we are sure that we will achieve this in the coming months and years.”

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