India is one of the key markets for Sennheiser. Our consumers are evolving and are at par with global counterparts. Vipin Pungalia, Director, Professional Segment, Sennheiser Electronics India



Sennheiser provides world class Professional Audio Solutions for various business segments
viz. TV & Radio broadcast, Corporate, Education, Live performance, Audio recording, Audio for video, amongst others. In an interaction with Mobility India Mr. Vipin Pungalia, Director, Professional Segment, Sennheiser Electronics India, elaborates about companies 2020 plan about India market.

Live Performance and Music, Business Communication and Audio for Video continue to be
the major growth drivers. 2019 was a successful year for us where we launched multiple
clutter-breaking audio solutions across segments in the audio industry. This year our plan is
to continue growth in higher double digits while consistently introducing the best offerings.
At Sennheiser, our aim has always been to understand the needs of our customers and cater to those needs by providing them with the efficient solutions, Mr. Pungalia added.

How India as an emerging market gives Sennheiser a big opportunity

India is one of the key markets for Sennheiser. Our consumers are evolving and are at par
with global counterparts. We have witnessed big potential and growth in the Business Communication segment. There is a need for right audio solutions to conduct effective virtual meetings, conferences, etc.
We had launched a clutter-breaking conferencing solution – the TeamConnect Ceiling, now
in its second generation and we have received a very encouraging response in India and rest of the world alike.
For Sennheiser, opportunity lies in education sector as well. Technology has found its way
into the classrooms with several audio and visual aides to teach students for better
understanding. This sector will be one of key focus areas in 2020 with our cutting-edge
Providing support to Live performing artists and bands remains at Sennheiser’s core and we
clearly see a rising growth and demand in this vertical. Sennheiser has developed a line-up
to deliver the emotional power and the bulletproof reliability. Whether it is a stage concert
or an intimate session or a jazz club, we have the right accessories for budding artists as well as for the professional performers.
With the growth of Digital Content creators, YouTubers and video-bloggers, Audio for Video
has also increased in importance and popularity alike.

What are the biggest evolutions in the professional audio industry in the past few years?
The major shift which we are witnessing in recent times is from Analog to Digital.
Also, multi-channel Audio over IP platform is becoming widely popular
As one of the world’s leading producers of audio technology, Sennheiser has aimed for
decades to provide up-to-date audio solutions. Sennheiser’s decision to make use of Dante
(Dante created by Audinate), the worldwide leading multi-channel audio over IP standard,
is part of this ongoing effort to create future-proof products.
Sennheiser has always been at the forefront of shaping the future of audio. We have
introduced some clutter breaking technology to cater to the changing preferences of the
consumers. Some of the products that we have recently launched is TeamConnect Ceiling 2. It is a wireless celling microphone designed to improve audio quality for voice and video conferences with automatic adaptive beamforming technology. This technology is patented by Sennheiser and it automatically focuses on the active speaker and follows their voice no matter where they move in the room.
Products like Digital 6000 Series offer outstanding audio quality and rock-solid RF wireless
transmission for live performance. It integrates seamlessly into digital or analogue system
infrastructures. Additionally, the transformation from stage monitors to in-ear monitors
have helped performers enhance their output by receiving a clean, uninterrupted version of
sound directly to their ears.
Sennheiser has developed its patented 3D Audio technology known as AMBEO. It is born
from the desire to deliver the ultimate sound experience, selectively including the most
advanced 3D audio technology/surround sound into new products, tools and features. 1
Some of the products that we have introduced under AMBEO are the Soundbar, the VR Mic
and Smart Headset.

What are your Channel strategies?
For the Professional Segment at Sennheiser, we have a very strong network of distributors
and channel partners business segment-wise PAN India. Our distributors and channel
partners play an extremely crucial role for us in catering to needs of our diverse customers
across the country. Traditional channels are the primary medium in our line of business,
however, the online medium has been steadily picking up pace. We focus a lot on
consistently educating and sharing knowledge with our stakeholders on products and
technology through workshops, trainings round-the-year.

What are your priority markets in India currently?
As mentioned earlier, we have a strong network of channel partners and strong in-house
team PAN India. Primary markets remain the top cities across the country, however, there
are certain degree of city-wise focus for various segments.
At the same time, we have seen quite an encouraging growth in tier 2 and tier 3 cities with
the increase in level of awareness of the customers. They are well-informed, demand high
quality and strong after sales support which very well resonates with Sennheiser’s approach. This has helped us solidify our stance in these markets.