Initiatives undertaken by itel for employees/customers


In India, the pandemic outbreak preceded to misleading and fearmongering content. To fight this, itel took it as its fundamental responsibility to spread awareness and educate various spectrum of lives around the pandemic by sharing informative short-videos and content around topics such as social distancing, Janta curfew, complete lockdown, Responsible communication, busting myths around Coronavirus, tips & tricks
around self-hygiene, acknowledging the frontline workers, and individual’s responsibility, etc. The brand is also running campaigns to engage its users through propositions like the well-being of users, efficient working patterns, living their passions and using tips and tricks for self-care.

With its recent campaign for users, #itelwithyoualways, itel emotionally appeals to all users to stay connected with their loved ones and urges them to look after the elderly members of the family. Through this campaign, itel also intends to bring siblings together, helping them relish the bond that gets weakened in our daily lives. With this responsible campaign, itel aims to bring family and lost moments with dear ones into the focus of life for users. In the last 10 days, our social media platforms have witnessed around 30k page views, an increase of 2k Facebook Fans per day, engaged 93.8k unique users,and have received massive traction around its engaging contents.

Apart from this, we are constantly driving internal engagement campaigns to help employees cope up through spiralling negative thoughts about this uncertain time. There is a regular rhythm of communication with the employees that gives them an insight into key decisions and learnings. Keeping this in mind, the Braveheart Campaign which is around tips & tricks to efficiently manage work from home has been introduced. Also, the recent 21days fitness challenge #StayhomeStayfit has been announced for our employees where best fitness videos stand chance to win goodies and get featured on our social media page.

itel also has even tapped high engagement led video platforms such as TikTok, Helo, Facebook, WhatsApp, by announcing initiatives such as challenges, quiz and games to help audience cope up with anxiety and stress caused due to the outbreak. Besides this, we have also announced warranty extension by two months for all our models due to Covid-19 Lockdown. Further, we are also planning to launch a blog series which will largely talk about digital awareness around various necessities of life and capture tips and tricks
around fitness and health etc.

We are optimistic that engagement led content will not only help in spreading awareness and brand recall but also ensure that the community comes out as a winner against COVID-19.