Isonix All Set to Release a Wide Range of New Mobile Accessories in 2021


Isonix, a Delhi-based brand with over 2 years of existence in the market, is set to launch a complete range of Mobile Accessories in early 2021. So far Isonix has been in the speaker segment with a range of over 200 different types of products in the speakers segment.

Pankaj, Director of Isonix, comments “After launching in india in 2018, within a period of 2 years, ISONIX has emerged as a leading favorite of customers across India. We are also going to expand to newer markets and tie-up with new partners to take Isonix to the next level. We plan to capitalize on our brand equity gained till date and focus more on brand building to increase our market share in the coming year and be a long-term player in the accessories industry. Our aim is to design and provide premium products with uncompromising quality at affordable prices. Our policy is to go at a slow and steady pace with a well-informed marketing and channel strategy. Earlier customers were just interested in low-priced products, but the current trend is people, particularly the youth, are willing to spend something extra for good quality products with premium features. We have over 200 products in the speaker segment, including subwoofers and Bluetooth speakers, to meet the needs and tastes of different kinds of customers. Good quality, wide range and affordable price are our main selling points.

Indian accessories market is big and fast growing and offers a plethora of opportunities for the providers. By early 2021, we want to launch a wide range of mobile accessories. We are focusing seriously on Make in India and we will launch our manufacturing in India by early 2021 and expand it. In the coming times, we want to manufacture 80% of our products or parts within India. Right now we are selling our products via wholesale, but from next year we will market through the offline distribution channel. In 2 years time, we want to be among the top 10 mobile accessory brands in India.”