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LG Electronics announced its new 2021 range of water purifiers and Charcoal Microwave Ovens. These latest entrants in LG’s health and hygiene portfolio have been thoughtfully designed to help consumers live a healthier lifestyle.

The new range of water purifiers from LG delivers pure drinking water for consumers and has been certified by the Heart Care Foundation of India, a leading national healthcare NGO founded by late Dr KK Aggarwal – meeting the criteria for Health friendly Drinkable water (Filtration, Preservation and Maintenance). The latest Charcoal microwave oven models from LG are India’s only microwave oven with the 30 Healthy Heart Autocook Menu that has been certified by the Heart Care Foundation of India for its benefits.

The 2021 range of water purifiers comes equipped with a new RO recovery plus filter that helps recover more than 60% water. Also, the 2-in-1 Care feature provides consumers with pure water for drinking and clean water for washing fruits and vegetables. The latest Charcoal Microwave Oven from LG houses multiple conveniences features centric to Indian Needs Such as Charcoal Lighting Heater  for traditional Indian Tandoor delicacies, Diet fry TM for Calorie Conscious people, Indian Roti Basket which can prepare 12 different varieties of Roti, Ghee in 12 minutes to prepare pure ghee in just 12 minutes avoiding the cumbersome traditional method of Ghee preparation & many more.

Commenting on the launch, Hyoung Subji, Director of Home Appliances and Air Conditioner, LG Electronics India said, As a consumer centric brand, our focus is to address the evolving needs of our consumers through meaningful innovation. Keeping health and wellness at the forefront, our latest range of water purifiers and microwave ovens have been certified by Heart Care Foundation of India, a promise to provide consumers with the purest form of drinking water and healthy cooking options. The latest range of purifiers and microwave ovens are a welcome addition to our health & hygiene portfolio, and we are confident that it will further strengthen our position in the market.”

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