Lisianthus Tech signs a long-term MoU with BRICS CCI


Lisianthus tech, India’s leading cyber security services firm has signed a long-term MoU with BRICS CCI, the collective commerce and industry body of BRICS, a prominent politico-economic voice on the global diplomatic arena. The signing of the MoU marks a significant development in terms of a global endeavor to address the challenge of rising cybersecurity threats that cast a shadow on the integrity of both personal and business flows and exchanges carried out across the world.

According to the MoU, Lisianthus has been entrusted with the task of providing cybersecurity consulting & advisory services to business entities & professionals all over the world. In addition to providing consulting and advisory solutions, Lisianthus Tech will also provide specialized certification, diploma, and degree programs in Cyber Security. Towards this end, the company will conduct training programs in schools, colleges, government and private sector offices with a view to sensitize and raise awareness about basic & advanced level cyber threats and train professionals on how to negotiate and deal with this menace. These programs are to be conducted in association with recognized Indian & global universities and entail the following:

  •         Imparting of exclusive and highly-specialized training on cybersecurity to all the trainees; and
  •         Awarding of a globally-recognized degree, diploma, and certifications to all the candidates on a successful completion of the program

“It’s been an honor to be associated with BRICS-CCI, a trade body representing such a globally-recognized and powerful voice as BRICS. That they contribute to nearly one-third of the world economy and one-tenth of global trade makes it imperative that their concerns on cybersecurity are alleviated completely and in a fail-proof manner. Moreover, the launching of training programs beyond the borders of BRICS signifies a commitment to clean business and trade operations free of cybersecurity issues at global levels. We will do everything in our power to halt this cyber menace juggernaut,” said Khushal Kaushik, founder, and CEO of Lisianthus Tech.

In a related development, Khushhal Kaushik has been appointed Advisor-Cyber Security for BRICS CCI.

For its part, BRICS CCI is to facilitate networking and marketing opportunities for Lisianthus while also organizing seminars and events for the latter.

“We are indeed glad to have inked this MoU with Lisianthus Tech. Mr. Khushhal Kaushik comes with an outstanding track record in terms of grasping the intricacies and nuances of cybersecurity as well as preventing and tackling them. With him and Lisianthus on board, we are certain to navigate safely through what is an extremely ‘cyber-insecure’ business world out there. For a developing country such as India, this is particularly critical given that cyber-espionage and disruption can have consequences for the growth of an economy. The training of students and professionals will prepare a pool of cybersecurity warriors as sort of a global bulwark against this raging threat,” explained Dr. B. B. L. Madhukar, Director General for BRICS CCI in India.