MediaTek builds technology keeping humans in mind, aiming to enhance and enrich the everyday life of consumers


Anku Jain, the company’s managing director, in an interaction with Mobility Inida, speakes about all the latest developments at MediaTek and TV SoC.


In the recent times MediaTek is aggressively ramping up Chip shipments, not
only for 4G/5G smartphones, but also for tablet, networking, TV, STB, IoT and
server applications. Your comments?

As the fourth-largest global fabless semiconductor company, MediaTek powers 1.5
billion connected devices every year. We have been catering to a range of segments,
including mobile phones, home entertainment, connectivity, IoT products, including
Smart TVs, Voice Assistant Devices (VADs), Android tablets, Set-top boxes as well
as optical and Blu-ray DVD player, with our innovative systems-on-chips (SoCs), for
quite some time. Keeping with the current scenario, we have been striving to offer
solutions that enable consumers to face the new normal, in a more productive manner.
On a global scale, we have the maximum market share in verticals like consumer
electronics and gaming. As the only fabless semiconductor company offering
solutions across IT, consumer electronics, and communications segments, we have
been ramping up our chip offerings, across application areas and use cases, since the
last few years. We believe it is this unique proposition that stands us apart from the
competition, and we are intensely focused on delivering consumers with premium
MediaTek builds technology keeping humans in mind, aiming to enhance and enrich
the everyday life of consumers. We have been ramping up our offerings, across
segments, because our aim is to cater to all segments of the population through our
wide variety of chips. Our solutions are not only about connecting people to their
devices but also connecting users’ devices to things that matter – enabling
connectivity to the things that shape lives, make consumers smarter, healthier, and
improve everyday life. We provide chips for categories including smartphones, smart
automotive, and smart home gadgets like digital smart TVs, innovative 8K TVs, smart
speakers, Blu-ray and DVDs, fitness systems, Wi-Fi routers, set-top boxes, etc.

Tell us about your latest Dimensity 820 and how it offers best in class 5G

MediaTek has been a frontrunner in the 5G domain, and we had unveiled our 5G
modem in 2019. Progressively, we were the first chipset company, globally, to launch
an integrated 5G SoC, and, since then, we have consistently announced newer and
more advanced offerings, as part of our MediaTek Dimensity 5G SoC family.
Our MediaTek Dimensity SoC series is aimed at ensuring end-consumers are
prepared for the transformative technology which will be powered by 5G
connectivity. We have been striving to create advanced and flagship 5G chips that
cater to all parts of the demographic segments, and the MediaTek Dimensity 820,
launched in May, is the newest addition to our Dimensity family of chips.
The Dimensity 820 provides ultra-fast 5G speeds and is feature-packed with our latest
multimedia, AI, and imaging innovations. The chip is ably powered by MediaTek
HyperEngine 2.0 gaming enhancements for seamless gameplay and features
MediaTek MiraVision for vivid visuals. Through the MediaTek Dimensity 820, we
aim to make 5G much more accessible. The chip offers best-in-class 5G experience
while providing brands greater design flexibility, due to several premium features
such as –

 Integrated 5G NR (sub-6GHz) modem, enabled through MediaTek’s 5G
UltraSave technologies, providing best-in-class energy efficiency
 Dedicated APU 3.0 (AI Processing Unit)
 MediaTek’s Imagiq 5.0, aimed at flagship-class, HDR-native image signal
processor (ISP), supporting up to four concurrent cameras and up to 80MP
 Multi-frame 4K Video HDR for easily recording stunning 4K HDR video,
even in bright and dark environments.

What is the current market share of MediaTek in TV SoC, and what is the

There have been a lot of changes in the TV market as TVs have increasingly become
the new hub of the smart home. MediaTek is proud to be the number one chipset
provider, globally, for digital TVs and we believe we have captured this position
because of our aim of designing chips with humans in mind. We create technology
that enables users to achieve more, in terms of experiences and output.
Currently, we are partnering with multiple exciting brands to offer unparalleled
viewing experiences to consumers. While we have several partner launches coming
up, our TV SoC roadmap for India also includes plans to offer 8K and Wi-Fi 6
services in Indian smart TVs. In March, MediaTek and Samsung introduced the
world’s first 8K QLED TV, equipped with MediaTek’s custom Wi-Fi 6 chipset. The
flagship TV was the only 8K TV, worldwide, supporting Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, and
offering consumers a more seamless entertainment experience with smoother
streaming and gaming, as well as unconstrained internet access.

The demand for smart TV increased in India exponentially, during lockdown, so
did OTT platforms. How has your SoC given better experience in smart TVs?

The lockdown has, indeed, led to an increase in people watching TV and using smart
TVs for gaming, as social distancing meant people had to stay at home. Consumers
are now more interested in smart home technology as homes performed the roles of
workplaces, schools, etc during the lockdown. With the pandemic still spreading,
people are considering hybrid workspaces and online education as a viable option for
the new normal and smart TVs and other smart home gadgets enable productivity and
continuity. Smart TVs provide users with seamless visualization for work purposes,
such as conferences and webinars, as well as real-time entertainment options.
We believe that our SoC has given users better smart TV experiences due to several
reasons. Firstly, MediaTek’s vision revolves around making the world a more
inclusive place, where being smart and connected, creates equal opportunity for users.
MediaTek works with the brands people love and offers customers feature rich and
premium technology. We constantly take consumer feedback into account and work
towards making the chipset better in terms of speed, quality, safety, and security.
Secondly, we believe that technology should be great and great technology should be
available and accessible to everyone. Technology democratisation is a major reason that make our products stand apart as we constantly strive to meet consumers’

Can you guide what consumer should look for before buying a smart TV?

Smart TVs are a long-term investment for most consumers, and that’s when it is
important that they take details such as utility, price, space constraints, etc. into
account before choosing the best option for their homes. At MediaTek, we believe it
is important to keep the following points in mind, before investing in a smart TV –
 Choose the right technology – Nowadays, consumers look for superior
picture quality. 4K or ultra HD and HDR versions offer excellent viewing
 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities – Some TV’s comes with built-in AI
that improves image quality with facial and scene recognition and then
automatically adjusts the sharpness to fine-tune picture quality.
 Based on the size of the area, choose a smart TV that will offer quality
viewing – bigger is usually better.
 Take HDMI cable and sound upgrades into account for the best user
 While there are several brands offering TVs nowadays, it is important to
choose a trusted brand, even though it may be a costlier proposition.
 Ensure that TVs are purchased only from authorised dealers as it offers
manufacturer's warranty, service, and support.