Microsoft Enabling the underserved in India Achieve Economic Growth


As a part of its efforts to empower people to achieve more through the power of technology, Microsoft has been relentlessly working towards enabling underserved Indians with digital skills. Using acquired digital skills to gain access to newer economic opportunities three individuals from diverse backgrounds – Devi, Farha and Paige – have successfully transformed their lives, fulfilling employment ambitions, personal aspirations and realizing life dreams. These young people have utilized their ambition for growing in life and gaining important life skills along with an entrepreneurship mindset to fuel their personal growth and economic progress.

Devi from Chennai had a tough start in life, but has taken over her husband’s water delivery business successfully by applying her recently acquired customer management skills. Farha, from Delhi, is moving beyond traditional societal constraints to achieve her aspirational dream of becoming a magistrate. Paige, from Hyderabad, has been able to make the shift from the informal economy of begging and sex work to the formal economy by joining the IT workforce of the country.

Microsoft is committed to building a more progressive future for the youth of the country by creating opportunities for the underserved young people to acquire 21st century digital skills through technical and vocational training; investing in non-profits to deliver this training while empowering their staff with modern workplace technology; and advocating new digital friendly pro-work, pro-youth policies.

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