Mobility along with the entire team of AIMRA pays tribute to the death of Mr Bhavesh Solanki, National Secretary of AIMRA

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It is indeed very tragic that AIMRA, All India Mobile Retailers Association has lost one of its pillars Bhavesh Solanki. Bhavesh, aged 41 years, has recently died due to cardiac arrest. The entire team of Mobility along with AIMRA members are very shocked and deeply saddened by this tragic death.

Mr Solanki though young, was  one of the most energetic person in the entire team. He was the National secretary of AIMRA, (All India Mobile Retailers Association)

The contributions of Mr Solanki are uncountable. It is a huge loss to the society as well as the retailer community. His immense contribution to software and retail industry cannot ne negated. The traction that he had given to the retail industry was really splendid. He was energetic, full of ideas and life.

He had been dynamic leader and could show us the way. Through his immense hard work and his zeal, he had instilled energy and showed a path to the mobile retailer industry. He had brought about a lot of changes in the retail mobile industry for the betterment of the retailers. This contribution of his can never be forgotten

In this tough time the entire Mobility team would stand by AIMRA and the mobility industry. We will definitely keep the ignite during with the channel partners. AIMRA is the leading mobile retail body of 1.5 lakh mobile retailers, promoting and protecting the sector by creating value for members and the retail industry.

We shall keep his spirits working and try to keep up his expectation.

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