Mobility Solutions to Serve Purpose Subject to Availability: PHD Chamber

India goes Digital – Mobility Solutions for Centre & States (Presented by HP Inc) held here under aegis of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry has recommended that such solutions would acquire a meaning provided the State’s services are delivered to common masses anytime and everywhere.

This would be possible in case data integration of States services are done with, disruptive nature of services so that delays do not occur in disbursement of government services of all sorts as this is the only way through which the common man will gain in and become the beneficiary of well intended government’s move since delays cost money and time.

The aforesaid advisories were mooted by the public functionaries and experts that participated in the Conference comprising Director, Ministry of Planning & Program Implementation, Mr. Ganga Kumar; Principal Resident Commissioner, Jharkhand, Dr. D K Tiwari; Founder & CEO, Right2Vote Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Neeraj Gutgutia; Founder & Chairman, Bharosa Trust, Mr. Sanjay Bhargava and Sr. Vice President, PHD Chamber, Rajeev Talwar.

The Conference, which was presided over by Mr. Talwar, appreciated that mobility solutions for centre and states are well intended and beginning for their deliveries has been well initiated and would advance gradually for making new India by 2022.

However, it was acknowledged that its pace needed to be accelerated with best of available technologies so that possible fallacies and inaccuracies on its way are arrested at the beginning itself and the objectives and purposes associated with it are well served.

The Conference concluded with a happy note that mobility solutions are the realities of the emerging times as the people and common masses of India are already fed with this aspirations that emphasizes that all government services and benefits of its social schemes would reach at their doorsteps.


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