New 5G Nokia smartphone unveiled as portfolio expands

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HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, announces three new Nokia smartphones, a new member of the Originals family and its brand-new hassle-free data roaming service. The  Nokia  8.3  5G  is  the  first  5G  Nokia  smartphone  added  to  the  portfolio,  and  is  joined  by  the brand-new Nokia 5.3 and Nokia 1.3, as well as the latest addition to the Originals family, the Nokia 5310. Sticking with firsts, HMD Global also enters a brand-new service category with HMD Connect global data roaming, its innovative and hassle-free service that keeps you connected to the things that matter most.

Alongside the four new devices and brand-new roaming service, HMD Global grows its footprint announcing expansion into Brazil this year. Also, to celebrate the phone partnership with the 25th  Bond movie, in cinemas in November, fans can now get their hands on an exclusive 007 branded special edition Kevlar Case for the Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2.


Florian Seiche, Chief Executive Officer, HMD Global:

“I   am   incredibly   proud   of   the   innovations   we   have   introduced   today   that   build  on  our  unique commitment to ensuring the Nokia smartphone experience will only get better over time. Today we are kicking   off   a   new   chapter   for  HMD  Global  as  we  step  into  5G  with  a  truly  global,  future-proof smartphone. Combined with the launch of HMD Connect, we are creating a truly seamless experience in terms of connectivity.”


Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer, HMD Global:

“We take great pride in working with our partners to deliver unique devices. That’s why we’re excited to announce  a  number  of  firsts  with  this  launch.  With  the  help  of  the  Qualcomm®  Snapdragon™ 765G Modular Platform, we’ve created a truly global 5G Nokia smartphone that’s designed with cost, usability and future-proofing in mind. Not only does the Qualcomm 5G solution enable to us condense more than 40  different  radio  frequency  (RF)  components  in  a  single  module,  the  Nokia  8.3  5G  also features the highest  number  of  5G  New  Radio bands from 600hmz all the way up to    3.8GHz – meaning it is a truly global and future-proof device.


“Together  with  Google  we’ve  managed  to  introduce  an  impressively  accessible  Android  (Go  edition) device  –  one  of the first smartphones to launch with Camera Go and running Android 10 (Go edition). The  new  Nokia  5.3  takes  powerful  features  like  the  quad  camera  and  Qualcomm®  Snapdragon™ 665

Mobile Platform and puts these at the fingertips of an even wider pool of fans. And we couldn’t ignore our wildly popular Originals family. That’s why we’re bringing back the Nokia 5310 – so you never miss a beat.”


Nokia 8.3 5G

A truly global, future-proof 5G Nokia smartphone, the Nokia 8.3 5G is designed to support multiple and evolving   5G   network   deployments,   with   support   for   both   standalone   and   non-standalone   5G combinations,  which operators are rolling out around the globe. Being the first smartphone to use the Qualcomm®  5G  RF  Front  end  module solution, as part of its Qualcomm® Modular Platform, the Nokia 8.3  5G  condenses  more  than  40  different  RF  components  into  a  single  module,  making  it  not  only  a global device but also a future-proof smartphone which is ready for the next step in 5G.


The  Nokia  8.3  5G  also  comes  with  a  powerful  PureView  quad  camera  with  ZEISS  optics,  letting  you capture  it  all.  Debuting  ZEISS  Cinema  capture  and  editor  and  bringing  extraordinary  low-light  video recording  with  OZO  audio,  the  Nokia  8.3  5G  is  the  ideal  smartphone  for  those  who  want  to  create without  limits.  The  Nokia  8.3  5G  will  be  ready  for  what’s  next,  being  perfectly  optimised  for  5G  – ensuring more people can enjoy the fast, reliable connectivity for streaming and gaming wherever they go.  Inspired  by  Finnish  roots,  the  Nokia  8.3  5G  comes  in  Polar  Night  –  a colour that takes inspiration straight from the arctic sky.


Cristiano Amon, President, Qualcomm:

“We   are   proud   to   support   HMD   Global   in   announcing   their   new   5G   device   –   one  of  the  first commercially announced devices to be based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G Modular Platform. We   developed   this  platform  to  help  bring  5G  experiences  to  everyone  and  give  time  to  market advantages  to  our  customers  –  it  is  a  highly integrated solution based on the world’s first-announced mobile  platform  with  integrated  5G,  coupled  with  an  advanced RF module to create a truly global 5G solution.  Using  this  modular  approach,  Nokia  5G  devices will be the perfect blend of sleek design and performance.  Looking  ahead,  the  possibilities  with  5G  are  truly  limitless,   and  we’re excited for what Qualcomm and HMD Global will accomplish together in the 5G era.”


Nokia 5.3

Featuring a number of Nokia smartphone firsts for phenomenal value, the Nokia 5.3 comes with a quad camera,  the  latest  Qualcomm®  Snapdragon™ 665  Mobile  Platform  and  the  signature  two-day battery lifei. The AI-powered quad-camera helps capture the perfect shot no matter where you are, even in dim light,  thanks  to  Night  Mode. Wide-angle and macro lenses help you capture close-ups, or wide, scenic shots.  And  with  its  large  6.55”  screen,  the  Nokia  5.3  helps  make  the  most  out  of  streaming  your favourite   shows   and   playing   games   all   day   long.   The   Nokia   5.3   has   a   durable   yet   stunning, Nordic-inspired design, comes with Android™ 10 and gives fans faster access to Google Assistant  via the dedicated button.


Nokia 1.3

The  Nokia  1.3  delivers  modern  technology  and  the  brand-new  Android  10  (Go edition) OS, at a more accessible price point than ever before. Being among the first smartphones launching with Camera Go, as  well  as  low-light  AI  image fusion technology, Gallery Go and a bright HD+ edge-to-edge screen, the Nokia  1.3  lets  you  truly  see  it  all  whether  you’re  indoors  or  in  the  bright  outdoors.  One  of  the  first phones to launch with Android 10 (Go edition), the Nokia 1.3 benefits from more speed, more security and millions of apps to get your day going. Plus, you will stay up to date and benefit from an experience that just keeps getting better with a device that will be ready for Android 11 (Go edition).


Nokia 5310

Reimagining the original Nokia 5310 Xpress Music, the Nokia 5310 brings with it an MP3 player  and FM radio,  combined  with  powerful,  dual  front-facing  speakers letting you  carry  your  favourite  tunes  with you on the go. The Nokia 5310 remixes classic design with a slick new feel and battery that’s built to last, keeping you connected day after day.


HMD Connect Global Data Roaming Service

HMD Global enters a new service category with the launch of its HMD Connect global data roaming service, enabling people around the world to benefit from a hassle-free data SIM when travelling and staying in full control of their data plans. The HMD Connect global data roaming keeps you connected in an easier way to the things that matter to you the most, paying only for what you need. Signing up via the app, fans will receive a SIM card to their home address and will have effortless control over their data plan. HMD Connect will launch in BETA through, bringing hassle-free, secure and affordable roaming across the world.

The  HMD  Connect  global data roaming service currently works in over 120 countries across the globe, and,  together  with partner Greenwave Systems and local operators, HMD Global is working to expand the coverage to even more networks and countries in the future.

Martin Manniche, Founder and CEO, Greenwave Systems:

“Our  shared  vision  with HMD Global enables intelligent, affordable cellular connectivity everywhere in the  world.  Our  AXON  GlobalNet  Platform  offers  a  secure  and  affordable  connection to  subscribers around the world. We are excited for the future working with the HMD Global team and look forward to innovating more new services in the future.”

No Time to Die

The global campaign entitled ‘The Only Gadget You Will Ever Need’, launching closer to the November release of the movie, features the new 00 agent, Nomi, played by Lashana Lynch. It will scale across 80 countries, running across cinema, digital, social, OOH and retail.

Every Nokia phone is built on the foundation of trust, security and iconic, quality design in mind that is combined  with  the  goal  of  making  the  latest  technology  accessible  to  everyone.  With  a proven track record4   of delivering on a pure, secure and up-to-date Android commitment, a Nokia smartphone truly gets better over time and is the only gadget you’ll ever need – whether you’re a new 00 agent, or a fan.

Pricing and availability

  • The  Nokia  8.3  5G  is  available  globally starting in summer 2020 and comes in Polar Night for a global average retail price of 599 Euros for 6GB/64GB RAM/ROM and 649 Euros for 8GB/128GB storage options.
  • The  Nokia  5.3 is available globally starting in April and comes in Cyan, Sand and Charcoal with the 4GB/64GB RAM/ROM configuration priced at a global average retail price of 189 Euros.
  • The Nokia 1.3 is available globally starting in April and comes in Cyan, Sand and Charcoal with a global average retail price of just 95 Euros.
  • The Nokia 5310 will be available in White/Red and Black/Red, starting in March 2020 at a global average retail price of 39 Euros.
  • HMD Connect BETA launches now through with a Starter Kit including the SIM card, up to 1GB of roaming data, taxes and shipping at the price of 19.95 Euros. The 14-day global data roaming plan starts from 9.95 Euros, with plan upgrades starting from 5 Euros
  • The 007 branded special edition Kevlar Case is available globally at the end of March at 19.99 Euros for the Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.