Nokia Lumia 1320 Review

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Nokialumia30-5-14By Jayanta Ghosh

These days smartphone manufacturer bringing good amount of devices in the mid range segment. And bringing a streamline version of their flagship models is a kind of a trend now, and due to that not only the mobile manufacturer but customers are also keep a close watch on this segment. Nokia Lumia 1320 is also caters to this category as this model is the streamline version of Lumia 1520. Nokia Lumia 1320 sets its sights, maintaining the large-scale of its 1520 brother but minus the top-end specification. With this model Nokia looks to offer the best of both the size and value to those who want a large display and 4G connectivity but don’t want to shell out that much of money which others are offering in the market.

Build and Design
Though it’s a affordable sibling of the Lumia 1520, and cuts out some of that phone’s higher-end features but Nokia maintained the solid its build quality with 1320. The rear casing is a single piece of plastic with a matte finish that snaps on and off easily and remains securely in place to give a unibody feel. The 1320 is curvy on the edges as compared to 1520 which was squared on the corners. The power/lock button is perfectly placed on the side. Both the volume rocker and dedicated camera button are all solidly finished and ease to use. It measures 164.2 x 85.9 x 9.8 mm and weighs 220g, which is 11g heavier than the pricier 1520 and over 50g heavier than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Overall on the phone feels good in your hand but you will not feel comfortable for one hand use and also feels bulky in your pocket. It comes in vibrant colors like yellow, orange as well as the more conventional black and white.

Nokia 1320 has a big 6-inch panel offers a nicely sized keyboard and has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to protect the screen, which is something the Lumia 1520 was missing., The 1280 x 720 resolution IPS LCD screen offers just 245ppi all content is sharp and with a more than sufficient brightness. The ClearBlack technology allows reading content well even in direct sunlight because the image is automatically rendered with an extremely high contrast. The Windows Phone 8 OS can certainly handle itself on the 1320’s 245ppi resolution the colour on screen looks great thanks to the TrueColor technology which is ideal when using the myriad tiles. But when you are using such a big display you always feel the missing crystal-clear images on 1080p HD screens.

Processor & Software
Lumia 1320 runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, 8930AB dual-core processor runs at 1.7GHz. The integrated Adreno 305 GPU takes care of graphics, and there’s 1GB of RAM which makes multitasking and heavy applications smooth. Won’t feel any lag or heating issue in our test run.The Lumia 1320 comes with Windows Phone 8 with Lumia Black onboard. This latest software means users now have the ability to edit the Glance screen allowing for a choice of notifications from messaging and calls to Facebook and Twitter to be available at a glance without unlocking the phone. Also users can double touch the screen to enter the lock screen with more notifications there, before swiping up to unlock. Nokia’s Here Maps is also included with the phone we tried the offline maps which performs quite well without any lost of signal.

1320 doesn’t represent Nokia’s imaging excellence to the same degree as the 1520 model. Nokia bring the camera specs down from 20 to 5 megapixel, so don’t expect 1320 to give you that quality picture but the main camera is a 5-megapixel affair capable of 1080p video recording, the front-facing camera is a 640×480-pixel give you quite decent output though.

Battery Life
Nokia Lumia 1320 has an amazing battery life it lasted for more than 11 hours in real life test with gameplay, music, Wifi, Maps, Video, Audio, Facebook etc. In the benchmark test also it scores more than Note 3 and 1520.

Pros: Built quality, Good battery life, big display
Cons: Average camera, Low resolution display
Price: 23,999
Spec Box:
6-inch 720p display
1.7GHz processor
5-megapixel rear camera.

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