“NV TELECOM as distributor offers extra service-support to partners and end-users”

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What are your main activities–distribution or retail or both? Please brief us about the inception of NV TELECOM and the mobile accessory brands & products you distribute and retail?
Our main activities are distribution and retailing of mobile accessories. We are a super distributor in Gujarat for the mobile accessories of 1MORE, ACCEDE and SANTRONIC brands and our head office is at Ahmadabad.

Please brief us about your focus for the coming 1 year?
Our focus and priority is to offer good services, good products and good prices. We want to expand our reach further in Gujarat and Rajasthan. NV TELECOM currently reaches 1000+ retail points and we want to increase this number in the coming year. We want to enhance the reach and strengthen the presence of the brands, 1MORE, ACCEDE, SANTRONIC, we are currently distributing.

What differentiates NV TELECOM from competitors and what is your core business strategy?
We are going with smart and digital marketing techniques to reach the end consumers and increase our connectivity. NV TELECOM started a new venture MICHI (a digital marketing solution) that helps partners to increase their business thru social media. NV TELECOM also has a few retail partners doing accessories business exclusively for NV TELECOM products.

What are your USPs to attract vendors as a Distributor?
Our product presentations give deep and comprehensive knowledge to the partners and customers about the brandd and products we are promoting. Our deals are straight and transparent.

What new brands and products do you plan to add to your accessories portfolio in the near future?
In the coming months and years, we will expand our product portfolio adding more smart gadgets and products with the latest technology.

Today, service is very important. Please explain your views on the importance of service and tell us how you provide service–through the vendor or yourself or through a third party?
Our main strength is giving extra service support for our retail and local distributor partners and it is going very well. We have a 4.9 rating on the Facebook.

How the online marketing is affecting your business? What effect does GST launched in mid-2017 have on your business?
We are not affected by the online portals. After the launch of GST, we saw good response from the market and our business has improved.

What is your company’s present growth rate? What are your future plans and where do you want to be in the coming 3 years?
We are growing at an annual rate of 15-17%. We are planning to expand our direct reach to 10000 retailers. NV TELECOM has successfully completed 2 years presence in the market, and in Jan 2019, we are going to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. We started our business with a small setup with 1 person and now we are a team of 20+. We feel we made a very good progress in the last 2 years and we are confident about our future.

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