O-LINE-O Driven by a Unique Concept CompletesOne Year of Grand Success

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O-LINE-O Driven by a Unique Concept Completes One Year of Grand Success

O-LINE-O Nexus Pvt Ltd, based out of Mumbai, serves as an offline-to-online business bridge between brands and end customers by helping the consumers purchase products from the offline stores without physically visiting the stores, with the convenience of shopping from home. The unique feature of O-LINE-O’s services is once a customer orders a product, say a mobile phone of a particular brand and model, will be delivered to the customer within 4 hrs from the nearest mobile retail store. Recently, the company has completed one year of successful operation. In an interaction with Mobility, Vibhooti Prasad, Director, O-LINE-O, shares his company’s business-concept, strategy and mission.

Vibhooti Prasad shares, “We have successfully completed one year now. In this one year, we saw phenomenal growth in our business–both in terms of volumes and in terms of reach. However, during this one year we kept dealt only with the number of retailers we associated within the first few months and we did not add new ones. Instead, we concentrated on providing the best service and support to the existing partners. We also focused on improving our marketing strategies, procedures, training to our personnel and the features and functionalities of our website. During lockdown we supplied products free of delivery charges as we do not want to take advantage of the difficult situation and charge more. That earned us the customers’ confidence and goodwill.”

Next, their supply agents are specially trained, not just to deliver the products, but also to assist the customers how operate different features of the devices. O-LINE-O blends the online shopping experience with an extended offline service along with friendly neighborhood expert to help them, low- or no-cost EMIs, zero down-payment, exclusive offers and more. The O-LINE-O supply only original products (not secondhand or refurbished products) and are delivered to the customers thru the chosen neighborhood retailer; and provides hassle-free services—repairs, replacements, easy loans, instant exchange, etc all from one store. And if the customer still wants to visit the retail store after a purchase via online, he can visit the store which is often located closest to his address.

Vibhooti Prasad, “Also we train our sales staff not to just act like salesmen but like customer-advisors by understanding their customers’ real needs, making the customers understand the products and delivering what they actually need. If sales people just push the products against customers’ real requirements, the customer will go home and then feel he was sold something he didn’t really need. Then he will not come again. So our focus has been on retaining the customer over a long-time by winning his confidence and goodwill. We assure the customers that they will get the best service, but our products are good enough that the customer rarely needs after-sales-service; hence we very rarely get customer complaints.”

In the last one year, O-LINE-O has emerged as the most reliable and fast-growing mobile retail chain in Mumbai with a mission to revitalize the retail space by bringing the services the customers desire with the combined benefits of offline and online functionalities; and the company is set to expand into other cities outside Mumbai in the coming months.

“Our focus for the next one year will be to ensure safe, secure and fast delivery. We are entering into partnership with another company soon to further improve our deliveries. Presently, we are making 90,000 deliveries a month from retail store and our website. In the next one year, we will expand our current stores further, add more stores and will also expand into other cities outside Mumbai–we plan to have 50 more outlets in Mumbai and 150 in cities outside Mumbai. We also want to improve the features and add more functionalities on our website. Right now we are dealing with brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Apple and OnePlus. Some more brands are likely to join the list soon,” concludes Vibhooti Prasad.

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