Oath Unveils ‘Every Look’ Access for Mobile Header Bidding


Oath has unveiled a new Super Auction mobile header bidding solution which now offers a unified ad auction with ‘every look’ access, empowering in-app publishers to create a truly unified ad auction with the partners of their choice. Announced globally last week, the updated Super Auction is now available to all in-app publishers in Asia Pacific.

ONE by AOL Mobile demand will run in parallel with a publisher’s existing ad server or SSP of choice. This enables publishers to drive more competition at the impression level, increase average CPMs, and create an auction environment they control, versus relying on a single partner to serve as a “container solution” owning the auction mechanics and controls for all integrated demand partners.

“With Super Auction, we are fostering a more competitive ecosystem to drive yield for publishers,” said Patrick McCormack, Oath’s VP of publisher sales. “It will play a big part in building transparency and getting fair value for publisher supply, placing control in the publisher’s hand to apply their own auction mechanics and decisioning.”