Online Shopping Trends Will Further Increase in 2015

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Year 2014 saw online sales leapfrogging making offline retailers feel the heat of the rising competition and urging them to expand their empires to the online market space. Coming to 2015, efficient customer service is going to be the top priority of online retailers. Owing to the escalating tug-of-war between the etailers and retailers and also among the e-commerce firms themselves, it is crucial for online stores to distinguish themselves from other firms and establish their foothold in the market. This is possible only by providing a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience to their patrons, supported strong by customer service.

Mobile Technology has gained significant traction in the country, making it essential for e-commerce firms to optimize themselves for the ease and convenience of the shopaholics. The upgradation of mobile technology has resulted in more and more consumers using mobile for online shopping instead of Laptop or Desktop. As mobile technology has become more secure and reliable, it has enabled successful shopping experiences for consumers. Today diversification to mobiles and smart phones is no longer going to be a mere option for etailers but a compelling necessity to survive in the fiercely-competitive market. Hence, the e-commerce companies are sure to upgrade and augment their operating systems in conjunction with the needs of their patrons.

Online Shopping is poised to get convenient like never before, owing to the escalating influence of social media. The social media platforms have become an effective marketing tool for the online as well as offline firms, making the purchase transactions easier for customers and benefitting etailers in pocketing more profits. Popular social networking site, Twitter has already started the trend with its ‘Buy’ button, to promote in-app purchases. Other social media sites are likely to follow suit.

The concept of Express Delivery and Delivery within hours has already gained momentum. If it continues successfully and at the same pace, more and more customers are likely to get attracted towards online shopping. When the concept of ‘Online Shopping’ was at a rudimentary stage and e-commerce firms were just developing, the inability to deliver fast was one of the major obstacles to attaining success in the industry. The scenario has undergone massive metamorphosis since then, owing to the rising competition and increasing awareness among customers. E-commerce giant, recently announced its plans to develop ‘Delivery Drones’ that will ensure swift and speedy delivery, by shortening the delivery time to around 30 minutes.

Besides these, the Price Comparison sites will play a vital role in the year 2015. The elevated competition levels and the thinning line between the brick and click models will bring the price comparison sites into limelight. Hence, the sites are likely to receive enormous amount of traffic this year. Online firms are going to clamor for attention often confusing buyers regarding what to buy and from where to buy. It is possible for etailers to take advantage of this confusion and bombard consumers with offers that imply discounts to cut the competition. In such a situation, it’s always advised to compare the prices of products before taking the final purchase decision. This is where Price Comparison sites come to the fore. Providing hourly updates for products with fast-changing prices, these sites present buyers with the lowest prices available, enabling them to zero in on the product with the right price.

Shoppers can gear up for exciting times ahead. E-commerce firms are not going to leave any stone unturned to lure them and the players that will win the race are those that can offer steady innovation, tactical promotions and guarantee customer loyalty and retention in the long run.

Mr. Suresh Sharma, Founder and Director of, the leading price comparison site of the country. As a price comparison site, assists its customers to find the lowest price of products available for sale on various e-commerce websites.  The site provides hourly updates for products with fast changing prices like mobile phones, tablets, etc.

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