OPPO Aims to Bring Out Smartphones that Offer the Best Experiences to Indian Youth


OPPO is a leading global smartphone brand dedicated to provide products infused with art and innovative technology. Based on the key attributes—young, trend-setting and beauty—OPPO brings the consumers a superior experience of digital life through internet-optimized products that offer the best-in-class services. The brand has set new trend introducing the motorized rotating camera, the Ultra HD feature and 5x Dual Camera Zoom technology. With millions of consumers across the globe, OPPO has 4 R&D centers worldwide. OPPO strengthened its commitment to India by setting up an R&D center in Hyderabad with a focus on enhancing the smartphone ecosystem in India. In an interaction with Mobility Magazine, Mr. Tasleem Arif, VP, India R&D Head, OPPO India, shares their product policy, market strategy and future plans. 

How your Reno series is positioned in India? What is the roadmap for this series?

When we first introduced the Reno series in 2019, we aimed to make innovative technology easily accessible. With the innovations introduced in the Indian market, we have ensured a premium technology experience for our valued consumers and introduced multiple industry-first features for them. Taking a look at the legacy, the OPPO Reno 10X Zoom featured a pioneering ‘world’s first’ shark fin rising camera and 10x zoom then Reno2 also featured shark fin rising camera with video bokeh effect, 20X digital zoom, quad camera setup and VOOC 3.0 flash charging. Furthermore, we introduced the Reno3 Pro with world’s first 44MP+2MP Dual Punch Hole camera. Now, with the recent launch in the Reno Series, Reno4 Pro will continue the legacy by paving the way with fresh and trendsetting user experience. We have set a new trend with a premium design, best-in-class features and camera capabilities. It strikes the perfect chord with the consumers who are forever looking out to enhance their creativity. Its exemplary performance lets the users to explore infinite possibilities. As a consumer-centric brand, catering to the diverse needs of the consumers and bringing the best technology to the fore, innovation is embedded in our DNA. We will continue to innovate and bring more user-centric smartphones for the consumers.      

What are your expectations from the launch of Reno4 Pro in India?

With OPPO Reno4 Pro, our commitment to empowering consumers to explore endless possibilities has only become stronger. Equipped with the best in class specifications, the device is crafted for perfection and gives infinite options to enjoy a premium smartphone experience.  We are certain that the Reno4 Pro will provide our users with a holistic experience and offer a cohesive ecosystem as they’ll be able to ‘Sense the Infinite’ possibilities of expressing themselves. We want to offer our consumers an extraordinary smartphone experience backed by advanced innovative technology and intensive R&D basis consumer feedback. 

What is the target audience for the device?

At OPPO, we understand the needs of our consumers and our latest offering is not only beautifully designed but also packs a punch with superior features. With the Reno4 Pro, we want to be able to connect with the ambitious youth in the country who are willing to push their limits to achieve the unimaginable. OPPO Reno4 Pro, with its best-in-class specifications and high performing capabilities, will let them achieve their goals.

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What are the benefits of 3D Borderless sense screens in Reno4 Pro and other innovations in this device and how can users benefit from these innovations?

As COVID-19 continues to present new challenges, there has been a rapid transformation in the way we live, work and play. Amidst this, smartphones have become the single most important device to connect digitally. This has led to consumers spending an increasing amount of time on their smartphones, whether it’s binging their favorite shows or an intense gaming session or connecting for work. In line with the unforeseen circumstances, we introduced a 3D Borderless sense screen, with 90 Hz refresh for a smooth smartphone experience, better animations, 960 fps Smart Slow-Motion to recreate epic slow-motion shots, Night Flare Portrait Mode for the stunning portrait shots at night to delivers a truly immersive experience. Reno4 Pro also offers 65W SuperVOOC 2.0, the fastest and the safest charging technology available in the Indian market, which is now within the reach of more users worldwide. With this, the device can be charged fully in just 36 minutes. Additionally, we added AI Color Portrait Photo that comes with ColorOS 7.2. 

How has the company designed this product keeping in mind the consumer needs?

Being one of the leaders in the technology space, at OPPO we always focus on customer-centric innovation for the development of our products. We closely monitor consumer needs and their demands are the key driver to build innovative products. In the era an always-connected world, where devices smartphone viewing experience defines the way we interact, there is a need for a screen that changes the entire smartphone experience. With the Reno4 Pro backed by 3D Borderless Sense Screen, we ensured we are bringing a product that offers consumers an overall premium power-packed experience. Also, as there is always a ubiquitous application scenario, a higher energy consumption requirement is there. This poses new challenges for battery life and charging technology, making more efficient and safer charging technology an urgently needed solution. This is why we came up with 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 fast charging technology in Reno4 Pro. It truly guarantees safe charging and offers Five Layers of Protection.

What is the central theme for the Design concept of Reno4 Pro? How is it different from the previous models?

Through Reno Series, OPPO has been striving to achieve a well-balanced combination of technology and fashion. With our latest addition to the Reno series – the Reno4 Pro takes OPPO’s design philosophy further with more sophisticated technology and innovation. It effectively combines a slim body design with trendy colors to deliver an ultra-smooth user experience. Beyond the Ultra Slim Body, this device builds on past Reno design, to blend smooth smartphone experience and trendy style that resonates with young users and lets them to explore infinite possibilities in every aspect. The Reno4 Pro pays close attention to meticulous details and expert craftsmanship. On the back cover, for example, the transparent rectangular glossy surface that frames the four cameras, blends naturally with the color of the matte surface on the back cover so that even with two different types of surfaces on the back, both textures blend into each other and never appear isolated. This premium design of Reno4 Pro enhances the appeal of the handset. Moreover, if you consider the versatility of a smartphone, not just the design but the overall battery life is also a significant factor in user buying decisions. This becomes a major concern especially when the smartphone is slim due to smaller battery capacity. We factored in these while designing Reno4 Pro with battery space, charging speed, and power-saving solutions that let you keep going. And with the support of 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 fast charging capability, the overall experience of the device elevates to another level.