OPPO debuts ColorOS 7.2 in India on the Reno4 Pro

ColorOS 7.2

August 6, 2020, India – World’s leading smart devices brand OPPO has debuted ColorOS 7.2, its latest version of custom Android software, in India on the newly launched OPPO Reno4 Pro. The new version of ColorOS 7 offers a slew of new and improved features across functionalities making the device smarter, more efficient and versatile. 

ColorOS 7.2 offers new features that make the use of the smartphone easier, richer and fun. It is built on Android 10, the latest version of Google’s operating system and comes with the most used Google apps pre-installed, including call and messages. Building on top of the lightweight design approach of ColorOS 7, OS7.2 offers richer and fun experience with new features such the AI App Preloading, Super Power Saving Mode, OPPO Lab, Quick Return Bubble and more.

Elaborating on ColorOS 7.2 development, Manoj Kumar, Senior Principal Engineer, OPPO ColorOS says, “ColorOS 7.2 is designed to optimize and enrich user experience on a OPPO smartphone. All features are aimed to deliver a smoother, convenient and intuitive experience for the user. We have worked on extensive consumer insights to make the smartphone experience more customized and personalized as per the user’s sensibilities. With new and improved features for an enriched visual experience, enhanced accessibility and increased reliability, ColorOS 7.2 ensures an experience upgrade on the Reno4 Pro.”

ColorOS 7.2, through its AI algorithm, helps personalize user experience as well as enhance usability of smartphone features via automated learning capabilities. It can intelligently predict the app users would use next and preload it, so that it opens much faster. 

ColorOS 7.2’s AI APP Preloading allows you to open your most used apps faster by predicting when you are going to launch which app, thus saving user time and improving the smartphone efficiency greatly. Imaging you won’t have to wait for Uber to load when rushing to the office in the morning,  or wait for YouTube during lunch break.

According to OPPO’s software testing center, app preloading improves the average launch speeds by 23.63%. The longer one uses the phone, the smoother it gets by learning user habits. AI APP preloading consumes Zero battery, thereby giving users a much faster phone with no extra battery consumption. 

The Super Power Saving Mode on ColorOS 7.2 helps extend the phone’s battery life at extremely low battery levels. Super Power Saving Mode leverages system-wide approaches (such as CPU frequency adjustment and backlight adjustment) and customizes power saving strategies for individual apps.