OPPO to launch New Super full screen – OPPO F7 In India


OPPO is set to introduce the new F7 Super full screen display smartphone, as the latest addition to its Selfie Expert series. Packed with a slew of new features like AI selfie, Cover Shot and AR (Augmented Reality) stickers, the OPPO F7 will not only take selfies to the next level, producing the most refined and vibrant photos but also add more fun, further strengthening the company’s position as the Selfie Expert and Leader amongst the Indian youth. The F7 is expected to be launched first in India on March 26th, 2018 followed by South East Asian markets. An Industry Leading 25 MP Front Camera.

With the 25MP AI Beauty Front Camera and Real-time HDR Technology, images taken with the OPPO F7 will have a greater range of luminance levels when shot in bright sunlight or the shade. More details are captured, contrast and color range of those pixels are expanded, to reveal a brighter, clearer and more vibrant selfie.

 One of the highest screen-to-body ratio FHD + Super Full Screen – At a tremendously competitive price

The OPPO F7 comes with a 6.2-inch FHD+ Super Full Screen offering an 89.09% screen-to-body ratio and 2280 x 1080 resolution, bringing a more colorful and vivid visual experience like never before. The Super Full Screen is enclosed in a unibody smaller than a typical 5.5-inch screen phone, with the customized 19:9 aspect ratio giving unprecedented screen size to play games and read, yet fitting perfectly in the palm of the user. The user can use gestures to swiftly navigate between apps, with the Notch Assistant.

 Now, compare the color clarity, vividness, and sharpness of the 19:9 aspect ratio, 2280*1080 resolution full screen. The screen multitasking can hold app icons or notification bubbles. While gaming, get a friend to give you a call and see the App-in-App in action, starting a split-screen where you can simultaneously play the game and take the call. Capture gameplay and send it as a video to friends and family, or upload it to your social media. Super Full Screen strikes the perfect balance between being expansive enough for an immersive screen experience, and yet small and lightweight enough to fit nicely in the palm of your hand.

 OPPO amongst the first smartphone manufacturers to have obtained the patent for a notch-shaped full screen

In March, OPPO firstly revealed the 19:9 Super Full Screen of OPPO F7, bringing the notch trend into Indian market. Meanwhile, OPPO amongst the first smartphone manufacturer to have obtained the patent for the Notch-shaped full screen as per the website of State Intellectual Property Office of PRC where OPPO had applied for a notch-shaped full screen patent portfolio back in January 2017. It was approved and publicized by the authority on September 29th, 2017. The OPPO patent portfolio contains a variety of independent and innovative designs at the top of the screen, including a semi-circle, inverted triangle, half square, semi-ellipse, half-arc etc.