Oppo Under-Screen Camera (USC) Technology Ideal for Reading E-Books on Account Of Inconsistent Display

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Oppo’s under-screen Camera technology or USC utilizes a customized camera module with an enhanced translucent panel material combined with advanced processing algorithms to take vivid pictures without a notch or motorized camera. Oppo, leading global smart device brand, is the premier mobile brand to have incorporated its next-generation under-screen camera (USC) technology for smartphones.

  • Inconsistent display quality-What we liked about the mobile is the presence of inconsistent display quality in the screen area
  • Under-screen camera solution solves many technical and manufacturing-related challenges– Oppo’s proprietary AI algorithms is the unique all by itself as its under-screen camera solution solves many technical and manufacturing-related challenges that have plagued under-screen camera technology since the beginning of its development.
  • Combining innovations in hardware and proprietary algorithms– OPPO’s next-generation under-screen camera technology delivers the perfect balance between screen and camera quality. It can deliver an upgraded under-screen camera solution that takes end-to-end, full-screen experience to new levels.
  • AI Algorithms maintains the integrity and consistency of screen – The proprietary AI algorithms, the new under-screen camera solution discreetly places the front-facing camera under the smartphone display in a way that maintains the integrity and consistency of the entire screen, both during use and while in standby.
  • Chromaticity and brightness&Improved control of screen accuracy, colour and brightness:  OPPO has introduced a new solution using proprietary screen technology, with each pixel circuit driving only 1 pixel (“1-to-1”). When combined with OPPO’s precise algorithmic compensation technology, this allows the chromaticity and brightness of the entire screen to be precisely controlled with a deviation of about 2%. For uses such as reading e-books, browsing the news, or navigating with maps, OPPO’s next generation under-screen camera technology allows for the accurate display of smaller fonts and better preservation and representation of textural details and colours, resulting in a more consistent and immersive experience.
  • Innovative pixel geometry: the new solution shrinks the size of each pixel without decreasing the number of pixels to ensure a 400-PPI high-quality display even in the camera area.
  • Transparent wiring and new design: OPPO has replaced the traditional screen wiring with an innovative transparent wiring material. Combined with a high-precision manufacturing process that reduces the width of the wiring by 50%, this results in much finer display quality with a smoother visual experience.
  • Improved reliability and lifespan: with the introduction of the “1-to-1” pixel circuit and dedicated optimization algorithm, OPPO’s next-generation under-screen camera solution is able to provide display compensation in the under-screen camera area of screen, improving the screen’s lifespan by up to 50%

While this is on a software level, Oppo has also used a transparent material above the camera and has redesigned the pixel structure to make sure the selfie camera does not face light issues.

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