OSS Infocom Presents GPS-Enabled Instinct Smartwatches for Defense Forces in India


OSS Infocom, the nationwide Authorized Distributor for Garmin watches, has come up with a special Tactical Edition of its GPS Smartwatch Instinct especially designed for the defense forces. This new edition of smartwatches comes with many features that are especially designed for the defence professional such as jumpmaster, dual position format that helps them to hide their real time location with the enemies, night vision feature that helps them in patrolling in remote areas during night and stealth mode along with other preloaded tactical activities. 

The battery of this tactical edition smartwatch is such a way that defence forces can use this watch upto 14 days in smartwatch mode, upto 16 hours in GPS mode and even 40 hours in UltraTrac battery saver mode. This GPS Smartwatch presented by OSS Infocom is built on the US military standard 810G for thermal, shock and water resistance.

Tactical edition of smartwatches helps security forces to navigate the objective once jumped during any operations, on the ground one can input a bearing and distance to project a waypoint and follow the route across terrain, the kill switch feature of this watch clear all  security memory of the user, in stealth mode defence professional device can share his GPS location, one can still collect distance and physiological barrier even at a site of security concerns, this watch has a feature under which location of the user is not provided even if the activity is shared to enemy forces or even if the device is physically captured. Stealth mode also disables wireless connectivity and communications. With these tactical capabilities the device becomes an essential and trusted part of the gear of defence forces.

On launching this unique instinct smartwatch for the defence professionals, Mr. Amit Sinsinwal, Director of OSS Infocom said, “We are extremely happy and delighted to present the new Tactical edition of GPS Smartwatch Instinct that is especially designed for the defence forces.”