Our product and business policy is based on top-notch quality, honest price point and best-in-class service

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Mahendra D Jangir, Founder & CEO, Harmano

In this tech-savvy world there is a need to be constantly updated. The need for newer and better accessories and audio devices ends with Harmono’s latest range of products. The brand has been pushing its boundary since inception and today, stands at an enviable position, right next to its competitors.

Abiding by the latest technologies and futuristic trends, Harmano audio devices thrive to provide better musical experience. Harmano products are known for the quality of their products that are highly durable and have an honest price point when compared to the opponents.

With an interaction with Mobility India, Mr. Mahendra D Jangir, Founder & CEO explained about his new journey with a vision to conquer the Indian Markets and flood them with quality products for the customers.

Moto and ideology

Going as per our tagline ‘We Create Happiness’, we in Harmano firmly believe to provide our customers products Brand that do not compromise on the quality. Being into mobile accessories distribution for about a decade, we know what our customers exactly look for and we try to give them the best quality possible since “Quality is better than Quantity”.

Harmano believes in the mission to reach out to maximum individuals with their product base and therefore maximizing their consumer base.

Our ideology uplifts our motto in every possible way, we have never compromised in the quality of our products and neither will that occur in near future. Our product and business policy is based on top-notch quality, honest price point and best-in-class service with the help of which Harmano is sure to be a hit in the Indian accessories market

Product Categories and USPs

Harmano aces in providing premium products for the Indian Mobile Accessory Market. From audio devices to gadget supporting devices Harmano provides them all. With our honest price point and warranty, Harmano stands upright next to its Competitors to acquire a major portion of the market.

All of Harmano’s products are equipped with the latest technologies and fit right into the ongoing trend not compromising on the quality or style statement.

Our products are unique in their own way, due to our constant research Harmano successfully provides the customers with desired products. Our team puts in a total of around 50 days for a single product for R&D and testing of the quality. Some models of our products are exclusively designed for the Indian Market with our own personal moulds.

Brand strategy for 2020

For 2020, we plan to enter into Speaker and home audio segment with premium devices. We further plan on expanding our product range with few luxury products as well. Luxury SmartWatches with high-end features is on our list for 2020 product list expansion.

We have received great responses from our audiences and are extremely elated with the response after the launch of our initial products. With our future products we are sure to amaze our audiences and mark our position in the Indian market. Inculcating modern and futuristic technology and design into our products we bring to you products that define the future.

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