Our vision is to make smartphones affordable for all, empowering customers to embrace the digital revolution that our country is experiencing


Yaantra started in 2013 as a pick-up and door-delivery smartphone repair services provider. In 2016, they added providing refurbished smartphones to their. With a wide assortment of refurbished smartphones and services, Today Yaantra is going great and strong with millions of satisfied clients, whose number is growing. Till date, Yaantra has repaired more than 60,000 smartphones and currently sells 50,000 refurbished smart phones a month.

Jayant Jha, Co-founder & CEO, Yaantra, comments, “We started as a mobile door-delivery smartphone phone repair services company in 2013. If the problem is minor, we repair them at the customer’s home or site and if the problem is big, we pick up phones from the homes or offices, repair and deliver them back at their place, which ensures that the customers need not have to step out of their homes for getting their devices repaired. Next, we use all quality and original parts and, we give warranty of 90-180 days on our services and our charges reasonable. We also ensure that the data in the phone to be repaired is not lost or stolen, when the device is under our custody.”

Yaantra is a single window solution for all smartphone queries and issues such as broken glass, water damage, software problem, power issues etc with the best-in-class services. At Yaantra, they deal in multiple sub-segments of refurbishing market. Yaantra’s core function areas are categorized under three sections: Refurbished, Unboxed and Pre-owned. Every section has a committed inventory that caters to diverse needs of our wide clientele, from varied demographic, geographic to linguistic segments.

Jayant Jha adds, “We use OEM parts while repairing or refurbishing. For instance, if a user wants his iPhone repaired, we use original iPhone parts—no compatible or second hand parts. In 2016, we started selling refurbished phones, where we currently sell 50,000 refurbished phones a month. We have online and offline presence. Via online the customers can purchase our refurbished phones on Amazon and also on Yaantra.com. We have a strong offline channel where our refurb products are available across 35,000 resellers.”

Yaantra recently launched PhoneCash, an app-based platform for consumers to sell, upgrade and exchange their smartphones. The app integrates consumers, retailers, OEMs and financial institutions. This app will enable consumers to diagnose and evaluate the value of their smartphone and choose to sell it for cash or upgrade to latest offerings by Yaantra. The PhoneCash app will be available across 14,000+ pincodes to sell smartphones at their doorstep for a Yaantra Assured Price and even upgrade to new smartphones. All trade-ins through PhoneCash app ensure best value for old device and data swipe assurance giving peace of mind to customers about no personal data retrieval after the device is sold.

Jayant Jha says, “We are excited to announce our latest offering PhoneCash, transforming the way consumers buy and sell smartphones. Customers have realized that getting a good price for used smartphones is increasingly becoming a challenge. Our idea is to give customers a platform to stay ahead of the technology curve by encouraging them to exchange their smartphones for the best bargain and helping them upgrade at an affordable price. PhoneCash is poised to disrupt the smartphone industry in the country.”

PhoneCash automatically identifies the model of the smartphone, diagnoses the important hardware/software attributes to rate the Mobile Health Score. With just a click, consumers will be able to discover the highest resale value of a smartphone with an option to sell or upgrade instantly.

“We continually welcome new suggestions and positive feedback from customers and media and we will update and improve our services, strategy and our policy to serve the customers better. In the coming years, we want to expand our area of operations further and emerge as a leading provider of refurbished phones and mobile repair services.”

Currently, Yaantra is present in all the metros — in South India, at Bangalore, Hyd and Chennai; in the West, at Mumbai and Pune; and in the North, at Delhi-NCR including Noida, Gurgaon, and Faridabad. As a back-end repairer, Yaantra also offers services to OEMs; insuring companies like Eco (which is an Amazon-funded company) and OneAssist, GoDigit, etc, as back-end repair services provider. Yaantra has tied-up with Xiaomi and Apple to repair and service their phones.