Payoye a unified payment platform, unveils the IOS version of their app


Payoye  India’s first CashCardContact less unified payment platform, unveiled the iOS version of their application this week. The Payoye application is now available for both Android and iOS users for free. The company, incepted in June 2015, launched their Android App in November, 2015.

Payoye is a mobile based payment platform that enables payments through any instrument i.e. credit/debit/cash card, internet banking & e-wallet at any place, anytime, anywhere by anyone. To make the user experience simpler, the app uses an OYETag (QR Code) as a medium to accept and receive payments through mobile phones. It is absolutely free and users will be able to just scan and pay instantly. The application also includes the feature of “Single Touch Pay” making it user friendly and convenient.

The company has received a tremendous response for their Android application. It has been rated as a good 4.9 on Google Play.

On the launch of this IOS version, Navneet Chauhan, Founder and CEO, Payoye commented, “We are excited to be in the market and are on boarding the merchants on Payoye Platform. Our platform will be a game changer in the payment space and open lot of new segments which earlier did not exist.”

With Payoye, anything and everything, including ecommerce sites/normal websites, magazines, brochures, pamphlets, hoardings etc. becomes a Point-Of-Sale, increasing sales for the merchants and giving convenience to users. It is easily configurable and highly secured way of payments. Unlike any other payment method available in the market today, Payoye addresses offline (grocers, small shop owners, premium outlets in malls, restaurant, taxi bill payments etc.) and online (e- commerce/normal/mobile sites) market for the users.