Pebble Provides Mobile Accessories that Give the Best Personalized Experience


In 2013, Pebble was co-founded by a Father-Daughter duo, keeping in mind the then evolving smartphone market and a big millennial population, in Delhi, India with a small range of cost-effective power banks with a clear vision to provide technologically advanced high-quality products at a reasonable price. In the time lapse of 7 years, Pebble grew from 1 product category to 8 which now include Smart wearables, headphones, wireless speakers, wireless chargers, car accessories, cables and chargers, along with Power banks. The brand boasts of providing the best customer experience and after-sale support in the industry. In an interaction with Mobility, Ms. Komal Agarwal, Co-Founder – Pebble, talks about their brand’s product policy, marketing strategy, customer-first approach and her opinions about the Make in India program.

Ms. Komal Agarwal shares, “China so far has been the manufacturing hub for almost the entire industry. Be it evolving Indian brands or big international companies, manufacturing is mostly outsourced to China. The reason for this is because China has a robust and state-of-the art manufacturing infrastructure and easy availability of raw material reduces the procurement cost considerably. In India, manufacturing in our segment is mostly limited to cables, chargers and power banks. But the more technologically advanced products like the wireless speakers and wireless headphones are either imported from China or the components imported from China are assembled in India. For manufacturing, we are heavily dependent on China and it will not be possible to change that immediately. We are a proud Indian brand with global presence and happy to see the push our government is providing to the domestic manufacturing industry. Certainly, the need of the hour is to be self-reliant and the government is providing the much-needed push in the right direction. I am hopeful, in the years to come the mobile accessory segment will be hugely benefitted from this initiative.”

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Commenting on the fast evolving accessories segment and their present and future plans, she added, “The world is going mobile and is driven by data now and that includes our health and wellness as well. People are getting more conscious about their health and want to monitor their health on the go. This trend in turn made the smart wearable segment grow exponentially in India. Pebble entered in this segment about a year back with two products – Kardio fitness band and Impulse Smart watch, but we are now planning to aggressively grow this segment. We at Pebble aim to provide the best personalized experience with state-of-art technology that could accurately monitor the health and is designed, aesthetically to fit into the lifestyle and be a style-statement. In the coming month, we are planning to launch at least 5 new models of advanced smart wearables. We are also looking to launch new range of home audio wireless sound systems like sound bars and trolley speakers and then move onto an entire Pebble ecosystem of IoT products and smart home devices. Overall, we are in a very good phase and are excited to come up with more technology that would make life effortless and smooth.”