Phixman is a complete end to end solution for Mobile brands with ready service and retail channels


Phixman specializes in electronic gadget and mobile repairing services. We invest massively in our engineers, equipment and procedures and believe in providing the best customer experience and services nationwide.

Our team is a perfect combination of young minds as well experienced people. We are divided into various departments like operations rollout, marketing, customer relation, logistics, accounts and various other categories with a common objective of solving bigger problems. We now have more than 50 exclusive stores in PAN India.

We have recently collaborated with Detel and have entered into the market of selling refurbished phones. We are equipped with the latest technology and supplies enabling us to diagnose and repair our customers’ products. And they are the witnesses of the intensity and magic of our work.

#How it all started

The concept behind the inception of Phixman came with my personal experience and an approach to solve bigger problems of this particular industry with latest technologies available worldwide. As today people have become dependent on gadgets like laptop and mobile, all of their data is stored in that so we make sure that their data is secure and is in safe hands. We majorly focus on enhanced customer experience.

Phixman is one of its own kind ideas because users are free to shop services online and experience great hospitality at Phixman offline stores nationally. We wanted the services to differ from the crowd, hence we came up the idea of repair service that reaches you rather than asking you to reach us.

# Phixman services

Our services are comparatively finest and most economical in this field. Our fully trained team uses the latest tools and equipment to give best solutions to our customers. Our services are in four easy steps, first the customers book their repair online adding all the details about the problem in the device then we send our delivery boy to pick up the device from the address mentioned.

In the next step we diagnose the device and repair it and send it back to the customer safe and solid with all their data intact. One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is our guaranteed service. We guarantee 24 hour repair, home picking of gadget, safety of data and most importantly payment after customer satisfaction.

We charge after we deliver the gadget to the client and they are satisfied for the fact that their device is completely repaired with all the data in it. Also we have dedicated exclusive stores that are looking forward to customers who want personal assistance care and understanding.

Presently Working With

As we are in the service industry, we have many partners. Some of the premier partners are Warranty Bazaar which helps us in providing warranty to our appliances and gadgets. Pre-Loved devices, Detel Foundation which helps us in providing refurbished phones for selling purpose, Toffee Insurance which offers insurance to us for all the gadgets and Vidvie electronics India.

Why Phixman is a better option for your consumers?

Being in a digital era, repairing electronic gadget is a major issue but in a service sector business, our aim is to provide the best man power and services to the clients. Our USP of repairing gadgets within 24 ours and home pickup and drop services are biggest attractions to our customers. They can avail our services through online as well as offline stores with great hospitality. Not only we are into repairing, but also have entered the market of selling refurbished mobile phones for the customers.

What will be your roadmap and road ahead?

It has been a great journey which started from Indore with a single outlet and steadily we grew nationally having more than 50 stores PAN India. Recently, we have collaborated with Detel and its new brand Pre – Loved Device in which we will be selling refurbished phones with six months warranty and that to at a very low cost.

Future plans, we would say there is a common future plan for every business and company which is to grow and get worldwide presence and make goodwill in the market. We would say we want to set a benchmark in repairing industry in such a way that Phixman should be the name whenever someone needs gadgets repairing whether in India or internationally and for this we intend to launch 500 stores worldwide very soon.

We are working to create awareness among Electronics brands in Indian and International market who are working hard for post retails services for achieving customer loyalty. To all those brands Phixman is a complete end to end solution for them, ready with service and retail channels.

We have already opened more than 50 stores in PAN India and we have an aim of opening 500 stores within time of two years in 2021 along with more associations with better service partners at national level. Phixman is welcoming all national and international smart phones and gadget manufactures doing for tie ups related to post retail services.

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