Poly Voyager B825


Poly Voyager B825 is a unique headset that works seamlessly on laptops, Bluetooth-enabled desk phones, mobile phones, and tablets. It has precision tune triple-mics with enhanced DSP for better background noise cancellation. Moreover, the Open Mike button allows one to listen to the surroundings when one needs comfort and durability. In addition to that the cushion metal headband provides durability while maintaining a comfortable, secure fit.

What sets this apart from the other headsets is that it has enhanced voice alerts announce caller ID, mute and connection status, talk time level. The headsets are beautifully designed tech that can let anyone hear and be heard with incredible clarity, while tuning out distractions. 

With this device you would have the ability to move easily between PC and smartphone and between work and entertainment with rich, immersive stereo. The active noise cancelling enables to keep your focus on work, not on the chaos around you.

Delivering crazy good audio for your most important conversations. The device utilises Bluetooth 4.1 and the wireless earphones have a sizeable range of 98 feet. This enables it to easily penetrate through a couple of walls as well. These cans also come equipped with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), which is ideal for those working in noisy environments. 

It has leatherette ear cushions wrapped around pillow-soft memory foam. The cushioned metal headband provides durability while maintaining a comfortable, secure fit. It can easily take the headset on the go with folding ear cushions and included carrying case. This helps one to carry it even when you are working . 

It comes with carrying case for portability and storage of headset, USB adapter and charging cable.