PlayShifu opens access to the Orboot app even without the Orboot globe, for free


PlayShifu, the makers of Shifu Orboot, the multi-award-winning educational toy, announced that their Orboot app is now free for any user without purchasing the physical toy!
Shifu Orboot is a specially-designed globe powered by AR and works with the companion app. Scan a location on the globe with the app & everything comes to life in 3D on the screen.
Kids can learn and interact with animals, ultures, cuisines, monuments, and inventions.
And play interactive puzzle-based games that are super fun.

In the wake of the pandemic, PlayShifu has opened access to those who haven’t purchased the Orboot globe to support learning at home.
Earlier, one could purchase games inside the app if they didn’t have the Orboot globe. Now, anyone can play 4 games for free even without the globe.
Vivek Goyal & Dinesh Advani, the co-founders of PlayShifu, are parents themselves. “We have all seen and experienced chaos in the last four weeks where kids have been stuck at home,” said Dinesh. They wanted to help other parents in keeping their kids engaged and learning at home since the schools are shut.
With interactive and animated content, the app is a treasure trove of knowledge for 75 countries and 500 topics.
Fun & educational screen time:
• Tour mode: Explore and interact with maps, animals & cultures
• Mysteries: Solve clues by traveling around the world to bring back lost treasures
• Quiz Wiz: Challenge yourself by answering some fun questions for fantastic rewards
• Oko Park: Maintain your own national park and solve imbalances in the jungle
“Orboot is like a live encyclopaedia and has been very successful in engaging kids for months! More than 200,000 kids worldwide love it. The app retains 45% of users beyond 30 days (while the kid’s app category sees on an average of 1% of users coming back after 30 days).” said Vivek.
The app works with – iPad 5th gen & above, iPad Air all models, iPad Pro All models, iPad Mini 2 & above, iPhone 6 & above, Android devices with 3GB RAM & above.