Plustek OpticFilm 120 Pro Professional Multi-Format Photographic Film Scanner


Plustek  OpticFilm 120 Pro satisfies the film scanning requirements of advanced amateurs and professionals who require the ultimate in image quality and an ICC profiled scanning system. It is designed for professional photographers, advanced amateur photographers, film photo enthusiasts, photography schools and clubs. The 8-element glass lens, an integrated infrared channel and a high dynamic range deliver particularly high-quality results, maximum image sharpness and precise colors. The OpticFilm 120 Pro professional film scanner delivers high quality images while fulfilling the film scanning requirements of advanced amateurs or professionals, that require the ultimate in image quality and an ICC profiled scanning system.

Converts Multiple film formats: Converts 35mm negatives, slides, and 120 roll films from 6×4.5 cm up to 6×12 cm to JPEG, Tiff, PSD digital files.

Outputs Extraordinary Image Quality: The scanner uses an 8-element glass lens, a high-sensitivity color CCD with 10,600 dpi resolution, and a stable LED light source to provide a measured resolution of 5,300 dpi. Plustek OpticFilm 120 Pro film scanner offers 5,300 dpi true optical resolution and A/D conversion at up to 16 bits, as well as superior-quality digital images at an ultra-high resolution of 38 megapixels for regular 35mm photo frame and 273 megapixels for 6×12 camera film roll.

High Dynamic Range: Dynamic range is the range of recordable light from the darkest to lightest on the exposed film that a scanner can read. The OpticFilm 120 Pro captures more detail in the light and dark areas of analog film. This delivers an effective usable Dynamic Range of 4.01 (using SilverFast Multi-Exposure/ according to ISO 21550:2004) and a theoretical maximum density of 4.8, providing accurate color and all highlight and shadow details.

Built-in Infrared Channel: Photographic film emulsions and dye layers are mostly transparent to infrared light. However, dust, scratches and other surface artifacts block infrared light. In conjunction with SilverFast iSRD, dust, scratches and artifacts are automatically removed and the need for tedious post processing is eliminated.

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