PNY Opens Booth with Special Theme at Computex 2016


PNY Technologies opens with special theme at Computex 2016. PNY will display a range of products including flash memory cards, USB flash drives, SSDs, and memory products for home-users, gamers, and professionals. PNY has selected the following products for display:


Apple Duo-Link R (Lightning Card Reader): The Apple Duo-Link R is the best travel mate for iDevices with the built in MicroSD card slot for unlimited storage. One can easily transfer movies and music from the Duo-Link to Apple® smartphone or tablet without the need for iTunes support or a network. The Duo-Link makes transferring and sharing files between iOS devices easier and faster. It comes in a sturdy metal frame with a matte texture making it resilient to scratches and fingerprint dust.


Magnet Car Vent Mount: PNY has launched the Magnet Car Vent Mount Smartphone holder that allows one to use their smartphone for navigation safely while driving. The magnetic mount and plaque are compatible with a wide range of smartphones making it easier to attach and detach your phone. The mounts 360 degree rotation enables you to change between portrait and landscape mode on your smartphone. It easily attaches to most car ventilation grills and comes with an adjustable solid clamp if additional adjustment is needed.


CS1311 SSD: The CS1311 is an entry level SSD designed for an easy and cost effective HDD replacement to help boost your systems performance. This SSD features 5.2inch SATA (6 GB/s) with up to 960 GB memory and exceptional performance offering up to 550MB/s seq. read and 520MB/s seq. write speeds. The CS1311 is highly durable and supports up to 3 years of Warranty.


Power Bank BE-740: The BE-740 is a trendy and portable power bank that is small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and can be connected to your digital device anywhere on the go. This power bank offers a massive charge capacity with the high quality rechargeable Ii-ion battery with 10400 mAh capacity. It will extend the life of any tablet, phone, camera or any USB powered gadget for an extended period of time



PNY will showcase these highlighted products in their special industrial themed booth. In relation to industry and manufacturing companies, this theme was inspired by the idea that innovative and unique products are possible through the combination of rough with powerful. This booth theme will show attendees that no matter the design, PNY promises durability with quality you can trust in all products. Attendees of Computex 2016 are invited to visit Booth#-J0210 at Nangang Exhibition Hall 1F to view the latest products from PNY from May 31 – June 4.